What does a breast augmentation surgery look like?


Breast enhancement surgery is one of the most regularly preformed surgeries at the DE Clinic in Belgrade. During the eleven years of operation of this reputable clinic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists, doctor Dejan Miholčić and doctor Dejan Novaković have gained a great deal of trust from their patients, and each year these two experts increase their knowledge at the most prestigious clinics worldwide.

”This operation is performed under general anesthesia and it usually lasts for about an hour, or somewhat longer. After the surgery you have to remain at the clinic for a day, and home treatment usually lasts for an additional week. After the surgery, you wear a medical undergarment for 2 to 6 weeks. You should avoid physical exercises during that time, and you’re not supposed to drive a vehicle during the first two weeks after the surgery either” – says doctor Miholčić.
The development of breasts ends at the age of eighteen, and only then can this type of operation be performed. The most common patients who opt for this surgery are usually not satisfied with the size or the position of their breasts, and often with the shape as well.
”There are cases in which only one breast undergoes the surgery, in order to achieve a symmetrical look of naturally asymmetrical breasts”– doctor Novaković explains. ”After pregnancy, breastfeeding or extreme dieting breasts can decrease in size or significantly change their shape, which often represents the reason for enhancing breast with implants.”

During the first examination in the DE Clinic, patients are familiarized with the operational procedure and implants that are used (their shapes and sizes), after which measurements are taken, and they provide the basis for the choice of the implant, its shape and size. Taking preoperational photographs is a must, so that the effect of the surgery can be followed in the best possible way. Doctors Novaković and Miholčić always advise their patients not to go into extremes when it comes to size.
”Latest generation implants are used for breast enhancement surgery. They are filled with cohesive gel (so-called memory gel) which imitates the volume and the shape of a natural breast in the best possible way. There are three ways (approaches) of placing the implant: inframammary incision (the scar is in the region of the inframammary fold, and it is 4-5 centimeters long), periareolar incision (the scar is around the nipple, in the areola region – pigmented area surrounding the nipple) and axillary incision (the scar is in the area of the axillary cave). It should also be mentioned that the place of the implant may vary: it can be placed underneath the mammary gland, under the pectoral muscle or partially under the gland and partially under the muscle. The practice both here and worldwide indicates that the implant should be placed under the muscle whenever it is possible” – as the DE Clinic’s expert team explains.

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