We can be close again – who needs a fake smile?

We see less and less of our friends in real life and counting our virtual ones in the same time – this is a profile of contemporary man – a man estranged by modern technology from everything he once loved and cared for. Somewhere along the way we lost our smiles, we lost understanding and empathy for others, the exchange of emotions and human touch. We rarely laugh with each other, we drink our coffee in front of computer or TV screen, we don’t even understand the silence of the loved ones, that once used to say so much. We forgot how to enjoy some small, usual but beautiful things, such as the sunny day.
We could start with this tiny , yet big change as from now. Let us be caring and in touch with each other, let’s make the sad ones smile again, take a listen to those who have been silent for a long time, try to understand their silence. It would be nice to feel close again, experience understanding just by looking at each other, without many words.
Let’s exchange chat rooms and virtual emotions sent to inboxes for long walks, hand in hand, watching the sunset. The kiss is soft and warm, hug is healing and no drawn smileys can replace that.
Photos are being stored on hard disks. Why not develop them and bring out memories to life with our loved ones, looking at them in the photo album.
Let’s turn off our cell phones just for a day. You will be found by the ones that care for you and need you.
It’s not hard, you just need a bit of will. You live only once. Your life is made of small things. Do everything in your power so it doesn’t just pass you by.

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