Vegan diet safeguards your health (Maja Volk)

Cholesterol is the mass murderer

For adults and children raw food is the best fuel for the body, -claims Maja Volk in her book titled ’Raw Food for Healthy Children and Energetic Parents’ in which she has explained why this type of a diet is the best way to perfect health, but also how children and pregnant women can follow it . At the same time Maja reveals how to prepare tasty dishes including raw sarma, lasagne, sauces, as well as sweets.
Raw food is the best fuel for our bodies
When there is nothing rotting in your stomach neither can you- says Maja Volk in her book ’Raw Food for Healthy Children and Energetic Parents’. She states that raw food represents the best fuel for adults and children, and this diet is the best way to perfect health.
-I have no knowledge of a medicine derived from meat, but almost all come from plants. Modern people often mock this and glorify antibiotics and other magic pills, but the truth is that the mass murderer of humanity is not so much war, natural catastrophes or traffic accidents or even all of them combined – they come nowhere close to cholesterol. No plant increases levels of cholesterol, but rather meat and dairy products.

Helping our organs run smoothly

Only plants can turn the energy of the Sun into something tangible, and when you eat raw plants you receive the energy they have accumulated, adds Maja Volk. This is something that you will feel almost instantly once you start eating raw : the bags under your eyes will disappear, you will feel less tired, your skin will glow and be acne-free; no more harsh heels, rough elbows, cellulite, weak immune system etc.
Raw diet includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, and oil. It is not additionally salted as raw food has its own salt which is lost in cooking, while virgin oils are dissolved in water and lemon.
-Virgin oils don’t stick to your intestine and lubricate organs so that everything runs smoothly. There is no sweat, no odour, and no acid. This is also how your thoughts start to change and bitter, angry ones disappear, says Maja Volk. We are the only life form on Earth that thermally treats our food and the only life form with so many diseases.

Everything we need can be found in nature

Diabetes appeared when we stopped using honey and switched to refined sugar, warns Maja and adds that animals don’t suffer from osteoporosis or calcium deficiency because it is abundant in food.
-We are the only mammals who switch to cow’s milk as soon as we are weaned off mother’s milk, and we continue taking it all our lives. Calcium is everywhere, in every green leaf, in cereal, fruit, vegetables and seeds. Cow’s milk is only for the calf to grow horns, develop hooves and gain one hundred kilograms in a single year. Milk is therefore full of fat, and even worse, full of casein, a substance also used to produce paste and glue. 90 % of poisons we consume can be found in meat and only the remainder in fruits and vegetables.
In her book ’Raw Food for Healthy Children and Energetic Parents’ Maja Volk offers that many recipes for raw food dishes, including raw burgers, sauce, desserts, soups, lasagne, spaghetti etc.

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