The World of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a holistic method of treatment which relies only upon substances that can be  found in nature. These substances empower our organism to heal itself. It is important to mention that used medications are mild, non-toxic, and they cause no side effects and therefore may be used at any age . They are safe for newborns, pregnant women, small children, as well as the elderly.

Natural power of defense

We tend to forget that our bodies have an innate ability to heal, which is unfortunately growing weaker in modern living conditions because we are exposed to numerous harmful influences. Every day, we find ourselves in  many stressful situations, we are exposed to  pollution of all kinds, and we may also experience medical negligence and be subjected to treatments  which  oppose the laws of nature and don’t allow our bodies to develop their  natural defense capacities but put  additional strain on our bodies.. In homeopathy, each person is understood as an inseparable whole in which mental, emotional and physical levels are interwoven and indivisible and should not be observed on their own. Whatever happens in the mind projects onto the body, and vice versa, even though we’re not always aware of that connection. That is why it is very important to take into account  all levels during treatment, because if we try to deal with  physical level only, neglecting the entire psycho-physical condition of the patient, proper healing  will not be  entirely possible and might result only in a temporary withdrawal of symptoms, that will eventually  reoccur .

A different view on health and illness

Medications used in homeopathy are specific because they affect our entire existence. They heal our physical bodies, but also our minds and emotions, fully improving our psychophysical health, and our energy levels also rise making us feel satisfied and at  peace. They are made of plants, minerals, and other natural substances using special processes of dilution and trituration. Rules of homeopathic pharmacopeia must be followed in production of these. The history of homeopathy begins in Germany in 1796. It was developed by doctor Samuel Hahnemann who not only found the new method of prescribing and producing drugs, but also came up with a completely different view on illness and health, as well as new understanding of human nature and philosophy of life.
Today homeopathic healing methods have spread all over the world and grown roots in healthcare systems of many countries, Serbia included. It is important to mention that homeopathy doesn’t contradict classical medicine, but we can say that it is simply based on opposite principles and different view on illness and health.

Medicine + homeopathy

You can be treated homeopathically, irrespective of conventional medical treatments you’re already under. The two healing methods may even be combined in a way that boosts their respective efficiency. We always strongly advise our patients against discontinuing therapy and allopathic medication without having consulted the doctor who prescribed them. However, after some homeopathic treatment the need for the said medication could decrease or disappear completely, but the decision should be made by the doctor upon determining the changes in the patient’s health situation.
Homeopathy can be very successfully used to treat a wide spectrum of both acute and chronic diseases, whether on its own  or as an additional healing method . There are almost no illnesses and conditions which homeopathy may not   ease, or even cure entirely. That happens because it does not  cure  a specific symptom or a diseased organ only, but it also heals the person as a whole, with all their individual characteristics, dealing with  a wide  range of symptoms, anything from the light fever, blocked nose andsore throat to cysts and  severe  chronic conditions and diseases. Homeopathy is suitable for  the elderly, because it is quite  mild, doesn’t have any side effects, and can be freely used in combination with the medication their doctors had already prescribed.

Suzana Đokić, homeophatic therapist, PhD


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