The way emotions influence health


Do we know how to be cautious and take good care of our spine, or do we just remember it when it starts to hurt, and the muscles start to feel tight? An abundance of studies, but also the fact that one in every two people suffers from spinal column issues, speak in favor of how little the modern-day man takes care of himself. If we asked each other about our sleeping accommodations, many would take a concerned look at their beds, and verify that the spot they use to rest their tired backs usually isn’t quite suitable. A good quality mattress stays beneficial for about ten years, after which the nature of the material causes it to adapt to the body shape, consequently leading to a lack of adequate support for the spine.

– All physical factors considered, psychological conditions also influence a number of processes in an organism – the chiropractor Aleksandar Popovic warns us. – The spine reacts to feelings of anger, depression, stress and melancholy. Bad emotions cause muscle tension, and back muscles are numerous and massive. If the tension lasts for a long time without any relaxation, it undoubtedly inflicts serious pain. Back pain caused by emotions occurs much more often than one would think.
– Stress builds up in the upper part of the spinal column, neck and shoulders. Consequences that occur include an annoying, painful headache, and a rigid neck –as the chiropractor Aleksandar Popovic mentions, adding that women can additionally complicate these problems by carrying heavy purses or wearing uncomfortable footwear.
– The habit of carrying heavy, bulky purses, usually on one shoulder, causes a shift in balance and bends the body to one side – Popovic said. –Burden we carry on our shoulder always has to be 10% of our bodyweight, and purses and bags which we carry around daily have to be much lighter. High heels bend the spine into an unnatural position, but flat-soled shoes are equally damaging to the spinal column. Insufficient support to the foot causes it to move back and forth on the shoe while we walk, not distributing the bodyweight evenly. Solid shoes for city conditions and good quality running shoes for exercising are the right choice if you know you are going to spend the entire day on your feet.
– Even though almost everyone is familiar with the fact that working out helps build muscle tone that is of necessity for supporting the spinal column, only few make exercise a part of their everyday or even occasional habits.
– Along with back muscles, the tonus of the abdominal muscles is extremely important for the health of our spine.-mentions Aleksandar Popovic. – Swimming is the best choice if you want to preserve the health of your spine, as well as any type of activity that is suited to your age, your health and your physical capabilities. Excessive weight is one of the risk factors for spinal or skeletal system disease, but good news is that you don’t need to have an ideal bodyweight in order to lower the pain in your back or prevent spine from deforming furthermore. –Our body adjusts our muscular and skeletal system to the weight it carries, so it is enough for you to lose 10% of your initial weight in order to feel a significant improvement in your condition. Your organism will recognize even the slightest loss of burden from your skeletal system as a step towards improvement. – says the famous chiropractor, whose hands everyday help people who are burdened with stress and everyday life and who more than anything else carry a lot of emotional burden and worries on their shoulders. A chiropractor’s task is to spot the blockage and to remove it using a manipulative technique, thereby removing the block of energy in a particular part of the body so that the organism can have a chance to begin with the natural process of self-healing. Aleksandrar Popovic collaborates with orthopedists from the entire region and with their joined efforts and knowledge they help people get better as soon as possible or at least help them feel an improvement in their health. People sleep in various positions, and Aleksandar Popovic has always recommended his patients to sleep sideways with their knees and back slightly bent, and their hands overlapping.
– That is the healthiest sleeping position. It corresponds to the natural curvature of our spine, and you can additionally enhance it if you place a 10cm pillow between your knees, because by doing so you will relieve your hips.

Branka Gajić
Photo: Jelena Vlatković

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