The prognosis was that he will never be able to walk and talk, and today he is a healthy young man with a smile…


Sixteen years ago, after a very complicated delivery, she gave birth to her first child, her son Aleksandar. After winning their greatest battle – the battle for life – medical prognoses concerning little Aleksandar were not good at all.
-After the child barely survived the delivery due to an improperly conducted delivery, incompetent and inadequate care, an already difficult condition of the child was additionally complicated and his struggle for life continued. On that occasion he experienced several clinical deaths, and serious brain damages occurred due to the lack of oxygen, as well as a series of other complications–Aleksandar’s mum Suzana Djokic remembers, saying that the doctors had completely written him off at the time ascertaining that even if he survived, there would be a likelihood of him never being able to walk, talk, control bowels, or live as a normal human being in any way. – The doctors’ ascertainment of being unsure whether he would survive followed, together with another battle for Aleksandar’s recovery. The moment that was supposed to be the happiest in my life turned into an indescribable pain and uncertainty combined with agony.
Suzana could not or would not reconcile with the doctors’ prognosis in any way, and started to seek all possible ways to rehabilitate her child. A set of various circumstances led her to an encounter with homeopathy, previously unknown to her.
– When I saw incredible effects of homeopathy on my child, and then on myself, my interest for this science started to increase, and not long after that I professionally entered into this world –says Suzana Djokic who completed studies of classical homeopathy in Belgrade. At that time, she initiated the cooperation with Dr Yogesh Sehgal from India, and for a while organized seminars in the field of revolutionised homeopathy. In the meantime, she completed a two-year specialization in various systems of homeopathy and began cooperation with Mike Bridger, Dean of the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol where she completed her UK-based post-graduate studies, as well as with Mira Beatte, Operational Director of the Centre for Homeopathic Education in Great Britain. Even today, she is working with them on the project of postgraduate studies in the region of Balkans.

Fight for a child

Suzana Djokic is also a founder of the Homeopathic-holistic centre “Homeocare” from Belgrade and strives to use her knowledge in helping other people on their path to recovery.
– After incredible changes in my child which ensued already at the beginning of homeopathic treatment, I decided to try out the homeopathy on myself as well.  After all that I had experienced, I really needed help.
It is not easy to go through such a struggle when you are left on your own, contemporary medicine does not have a solution, and the only response by the doctors is: “Mother, that’s it… do not expect much”- says Suzana, adding that after she started with her homeopathic treatment, everything in her life turned around.
-Great changes came about. For the first time, I felt somehow careless, light, happy in spite of all troubles. Finally, I began to sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. It was much easier for me to carry everything on my shoulders… both the second child and further fight for Aleksandar.
Homeopathy changed my life, perception and worldview in every sense, which additionally contributed to the progress of my child –Suzana Djokic says.

The fastest cure is achieved among babies

Suzana began to practice homeopathy actively when her boy was 5. She says that the greatest misconception about homeopathy is to consider it as a ‘placebo effect,’ noting that it actually acts best when used on children and the babies, as well as that good results are achieved in the fastest possible way among them.
-This is why it is desirable to treat children from an early childhood. In homeopathy, we do not prescribe homeopathic preparations for specific illnesses; instead, preparation is specifically determined for each patient after thorough conversation and establishing of complete psychophysical condition. We search for things that stand in relation to a certain complaint of a patient, we talk a lot about everything, e.g. when the complaint is getting stronger, which life situations increase problems, which emotions or life situations hide behind them… We have to understand the way in which persons experience the world around them, what their biggest problem or source of stress is and what their reactions to all of that are – Suzana explains.
In homeopathy, illness is not observed only at one level. It points to a person’s imbalance, always reflected on the body as much as on the psyche.
-Family pressure, stressful situations, dissatisfaction and various emotions can be a cause of diseased state and imbalance as they weaken our defence forces, thus incapacitating our inborn ability to regenerate, and reduce our tolerance to external causes of stress.

When impossible becomes possible

Today, Suzana’s son Aleksandar regularly attends medical secondary school;he is a smiling, slightly shy young man with many skills.
– From the initial condition to this day, he has 90% rehabilitated with the help of homeopathy, although this was considered impossible when he was a baby– says Suzana. – Several years later, paediatricians in charge of his case at the earliest age were asking me: “Mother, what have you done to him, this is incredible.”Today, when they see him, they cannot believe it, they are delighted with his progress, since the prognoses stated that he would never be able to walk and talk, while his intellectual development would be considerably hindered. Today, he is socialised, and with only 10% of his functions not in perfect order he just has a milder speech disorder. During the delivery and the first months of his life, he experienced unbelievable traumas and stayed in intensive care and an incubator, he was breathing with the breathing assistance devices and was fed through feeding tubes, deprived of presence, touch and warmth of mother, even of his mother’s voice, as I was denied access. Of course, this has left consequences and in the first years of his life he suffered from various fears, could not sleep at night and would scream in delirium, not even recognising his parents. It was not possible to separate him from me as I was constantly carrying him in my arms, holding him close to me; and if I would by chance leave the room, sad and fearful cries would ensue. There were a lot of other fears impossible to name.
After starting with the homeopathic treatment, Suzana says that an incredible transformation and progress began with Aleksandar, and the fears slowly started to disappear one after another. Today, he is a wonderful young man, full of empathy, always ready to help others, caring towards younger children and favourite because of his calm, inconspicuous and mild character and a smile which he always has on his face, often for those unknown to him too.

What are the results of emotional conflicts?

Suzana notes the enormous importance of what we carry in our subconscious for the life of each one of us.
-We do not necessarily need to remember or be completely aware of some things, but they will still have great influence over our life and health. Because of that, it is very important to talk with our children, retell them some events from their early childhood or our lives. Maybe our children do not know everything consciously, but there is a lot more in their subconscious, i.e. it has information which we didvnot pass on to them and which can create a certain kind of programme that will influence child’s life and health if not made conscious– says Suzana. – By working on our programmes, exploring our unconscious and digging into the family history and emotional conflicts and problems of our parents and grandparents, I came to unbelievable insights and got to know many patterns, one of which was an event with my child.
But life is a miracle… and sometimes, even the biggest problems and difficulties in life bring you the most beautiful things and bring you back to the right path of your soul… because, somewhere along the path, you have strayed.

Photo: Jelena Vlatković

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