The body remembers everything from childhood traumas all the way to yesterday’s events

Improve your energetic flow with the help of shiatsu

An important rule is to be temper in all aspects of life. Shiatsu therapists have an unusual gift coupled with knowledge and wisdom about life, all of which helps them understand our bodies and our energy. Among other things, they advise that smiling ensures a healthy heart, and we will lead longer lives if we find the time to truly live.
Shiatsu is a balance, dance and a game between the therapist and the patient. The main advantage of this method lies in the fact that it reveals a long-forgotten aspect of communication through touch, which has the power to invoke peace and harmony in our bodies as well as our lives. Touch represents the key element of the shiatsu massage which stimulates and regulates digestion, relaxes muscles, regulates the release of hormones, improves blood flow, helps with the elimination of toxins, improves the function of internal organs, increases vitality as well as stamina and energy, lowers blood pressure and it strengthens the immune system. Shiatsu massage helps with chronic fatigue, stress, headache, insomnia, spinal problems (cervical spondylosis and lumbar syndrome), sports injuries, respiratory difficulties (asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, infections), digestive and menstrual problems etc.
Traditional medicine of the Far East views a healthy body as one in which the life energy is balanced and flows freely through 14 channels called meridians. In a healthy body the energy flows smoothly through meridians, harmoniously connecting all organs, tissue and bodily functions. However, if the organism is weakened due to an un-tempered lifestyle, stress or injury, the energy flow is inadequate (in some places it is weaker or almost completely blocked, whereas in other parts it flows too forcefully). It is when the balance of life energy is disturbed or suspended inside the canals that problems, discomfort and pain occur in our bodies.
Sanja Petrovic, one of the therapists at the Otium Wellness Center in Belgrade, has graduated from the Academy of Shiatsu & Acupressure in Cape town where she spent years perfecting this skill. Sanja stresses that while shiatsu does share certain elements with a traditional massage it is in fact not, because it is based on meridians (in Japanese “shi” stands for “finger” and “atsu” for “pressure”) and the basic movement in her work is pressure which varies in intensity.
– Shiatsu is administered at acupuncture points. Unlike actual acupuncture which uses needles, shiatsu involves using fingers. All meridians in the body are connected with vital organs – Sanja explains.

Interpreting energy and getting familiar with one’s own body

The shiatsu treatment lasts for almost an hour sat during which the clients is dressed and covered with a thin white sheet. An experienced shiatsu therapist “interprets” the client’s energy without a fault, while at the same time the client starts getting familiar with his or her body.
– I communicate best using my hands. My approach is zen shiatsu and during the treatment the client’s body sends me clear messages on what goes on with it, – says Sanja, – During and after the treatment people feel completely relaxed, and the first treatment is preceded by a kind of interview. Once a person’s energy has been engaged the shiatsu treatment can begin.
In this fast-paced lifestyle people have unnoticeably lost their ability to use body language. Sanja also used to live like that, as a cog in the machine that is the corporate world. She experienced the feeling of one’s body breaking under stress and tension.
– One day I said “ENOUGH” to all of this and promised myself never to be so angry and under that much pressure. That was how I decided to direct my life towards the way of shiatsu, which has proven to be an excellent technique for battling stress. It awakens a person’s organs and energy flow, especially for those who embark on that journey with an initial 5 sessions. The body has great sensory abilities and its own powerful memory. It remembers everything from childhood traumas all the way to yesterday’s events. Shiatsu can help teach you how to live in the moment – states Sanja Petrović.

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