Secrets to healthy nutrition (Georgij Nazarov)


What we know about healthy nutrition today and what has always been stated is that healthy nutrition brings health, improves mental capacity, longer life expectancy and increased strength and durability. In today’s day and age, at a time when many new and existing diseases, unheard of before or were limited to minute numbers have now grown in gigantic proportions especially in developed countries. Diseases which were at one time considered eradicated are now showing up as more aggressive and even more difficult to treat. Fortunately, more people are realizing that leading a healthy lifestyle is dependent upon their life choices.
The most important lifestyle choice is nutrition which would enable one to, significantly reduce chances of further disease development or even eradication of disease.
Unfortunately, even with a desire to make a positive change we do not have the reliable sources engrained within ourselves to make a complete change. Doctors of modern medicine in most countries around the world, unfortunately, has a very superficial, narrowly focused and frequently outdated knowledge about healthy nutrition.

Healthy concept

Currently, 80 % of health food stores in Serbia offer un-healthy products. Many books written on this topic are generally containing uninformative, unfounded or false in-formation. Those that do not fall in the previous category usually focus on a narrow area of interest of health nutrition leaving out major topics related to this area.
It is only the assembly of all related areas that can enable healthy food choices bring us good health.
To completely understand the concept of health and nutrition we must look at the following areas:

• Wise and informed food and drink choices for consumption
• Proper preparation and storage of food products
• Using beneficial and natural ingredients in our food
• Proper food combining
• Regular meal times
• Spacing our meals
• Consuming appropriate quantities of food

Looking at this list, skipping even one step will prevent us from benefits of proper health and nutrition. For example: we could be eating the healthiest food, preparing them properly but if they are eaten at the wrong time these same food choices can cause disease and weakness within the body. Also, combining improper foods will achieve the same negative effect.
It is important to understand that much of our knowledge has been taught by teams of people, frequently doctors, who have connections with the food industry. Therefore, in order to sell more products our health is not taken into account which is a high price to pay.


Implementing fasts, vegetarianism, a macrobiotic diet (and many other diets) are good attempts to help in achieving our goal for better quality of life and well-functioning body. In order to achieve this we need a certain amount of knowledge. Whilst, by eating healthy food we have made significant changes, most of the time it is still considered unhealthy. Each of us are able to enhance the quality of nutrition and through this, make positive health changes. This book will provide a broad outlook on this approach.

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