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Once she played sports profesionally. She traveled often, lived in California, New York, Bahamas, Caribbean, in Sweden. 28 year old Jasmina Bogućanin-Sarvan love led to Sarajevo, where she now lives with her family, and love for herself, child, life took her through the road that brought smile to her face, health, and only good thoughts.
jasminaBogucaninSarvan3She was a person that weighed 70 kilos and being only 156 cm tall it was not little. She says that at that time she was mostly negative and angry, addicted to sugar, waking up in the middle of the night to eat, had  heartburn everyday and drank suplements for it. Today Jasmina has 55 kilos, feels better than ever, constantly smiles, lives life to the fullest and says she is happy because she is no longer addicted to junk food. The main culprit for that transformation is a diet change and return to the nature.
Jasmina eats raw food and believes that there is truth in the sentence “each of us is what he eats.” She is educated social worker, former professional tennis player, mother of two year old, and a great connoisseur of the raw diet. She published a book “How To Healthy Lose Weight”, and her knowledge about how to prepare raw food, its healing properties and recipes generously shared with others in the “School of NoCooking” and she dreams of the day when she and her family will live far from urban centers, grow food and be engaged in nature.
In her book Jasmina honestly and without secrets closer to the readers herself  and the road on which she stepped, quite sure that she wants to change:
“… And about sweets I can not even talk. I regularly made cake known as “black without eggs,” the cheapest, fastest, most poisonous cake that you can imagine. Find the recipe on the Internet and you will understand when you see all the ingredients. And I ate it a lot. I write to you about this because I want you to know that I lived totally unhealthy life before I moved on to raw food. I want you to feel outrage and maybe you will identify with me. I want to point out that if I could, and I was total addict for cooked food and sweets, then anyone can… ”
The story of Jasmine’s personal transformation began 2 years ago. She likes to say that her daughter, when she was still in her stomach started to teach her about life and that how to drastically change and become better.
Since I was one of those pregnant women who vomit from the first moment of conception until birth, it was clear that I was not doing something right. Now I know that the food I ate during my pregnancy was very bad, but I was convinced then totally differently. After every meal I threw up, whatever I ate, apart from the fruit. When I discovered raw food and began to explore it, I realized how much my baby girl, while she was still inside me, tried to tell me not to eat poisons, but to eat healthy insted. But, like many people, I was not ready then to realize and understand. It took me six months from her birth that I  finally regained consciousness.
What is the basic precondition for someone to successfully switch to raw food?
-The main thing is to have a good reason for it. Unfortunately, most people decide that only when they are already ill, but it’s better late than never. Personally, the main reason and the motive was my daughter and her feeding. I could not imagine even for a moment to give her any of the popular industrial food. So, it is important to decide by yourself and to know why you want to switch to raw food. If you want to do it only to lose kilos, then it is viewed as a diet, but as we all know, no diet is that successful, because once you achieve the effect you wanted you go back to your old habits. With raw food is very important to know all about our industrial and “typical” food, research and finde out what poisons they are actually.
Why eat thermally unprocessed food, how they help the body and regenerate man?
Cooking is the process which destroys food, moreover, that food turns into poison. The toxicity caused by cooking confirms the fact that the white blood cells after a cooked meal are doubled or even tripled.
We all know that white blood cells are called “the first line of defense”, more known as the immune system. As it is confirmed by many scientific studies, each type of heat treatment fast provides mutagenic and carcinogenic in food. When you eat cooked carbohydrates, fats and proteins, you actually enter into yourself mutagenic (carcinogenic) products. All the vitamins and minerals present in food are destroyed during heat treatment. Cooked food needs much more time to digest in the body, and some of it is even totally indigestible to us as our body lets us know by digestive problems we have and weight that we all felt after the meal. Cooked food quickly ferment in the digestive tract, while ‘living’ food absorbs our body before oxidizes.jasminaBogucaninSarvan2
What changes did you start to feel at the beginning, and how it looks today?
– Once I threw out all the industry processed food changes were immediately visible. The weight that I normally felt after eating, which often forced me to lie down and rest, or even hammered on my nerves if I had to do something after the meal, is completely gone. After eating I would feel awesome, I would be full of energy, without any change in the stomach. Of course, there is certainly a period of adaptation to the raw food, that is, our body returns to the state for which it is intended actually.
People have a fear that they will not have the time or opportunity to eat that food. Does raw diet requires a lot of time, money etc.?
– I have devoted special attention to this question in my book, because unfortunately someone benefits from this error that is served to people. This information could not be more wrong. For storing raw meal I never need more than 30 minutes (and that for the cakes that are the most demanding), and a woman who cooks a meal for the entire family needs a lot more time, because she needs to prepare the vegetables, and put it in a pot, so while she cooks it, so while serving it etc., she needs at least twice as much time because after chopping vegetables I already began my meal, and she just put it in a pan … Time 1: 0 for a raw food. As for the financial aspect, given that today’s supermarkets are designed to make people spend huge amounts of money because “you need it all … even what you do not need”, when you get to the store if something is on the sale you’ll buy it, while we who are on a raw diet, do not eat anything that is industrially processed, but only fruits, vegetables, nuts and a super food, and that is often hard to find in the suermarkets . So, if you have your own garden or your own piece of land, this diet  WILL COST YOU NOTHING, and if not, buy only on the markets, and believe me, you’ll always pass cheaper or the same  (depending on what you want and what you buy) … More about this you have in my e-book “How to HEALTHY Lose Weight“
How did a new type of food affected your mental and physical health ?
I’m a completely different person now in every sense. I will say that when a man switch to raw food and expel all the toxins from the menu, begins his enlightenment. Then he starts to get back to nature, to the knowledge of some things that have actually always been there, but were suppressed. The man is loaded with food and from all sides  we are served to the hunger in the world, as the food is a source of life and so on. Advertisements are everywhere, on television, at bus stations, on the buildings, everything revolves around food, but the food should not be an obsession. The dish has to be the same as breathing, we do not need to think how we do it, or how we will and what we will eat, only to do it. If we would return to the nature it would be possible for a man to go out in his garden and picked himself breakfast while walking. Then for lunch, go to the back of garden get himself vegetables and for dinner drink some juice from his fruits … Now when someone read this will think, “Who does have full stomach from that?“ The answer is – WE ALL DO. Because the more we eat, the stomach is worse, diseases proliferate, fat is accumulated, and we become depraved nation that thinks only about food. And when you eat and live in harmony with nature, the food is just something casual, recharger of the batteries, when you feel REAL hunger.
From whom have you learned most about such food?
It’s very important that person experiment all by herself. It is important to consult with someone who is longer into that. To me the required litterature was from the writers who have already published books about raw food, which are on the same for decades, as well as the reading of scientific research. I think that about this diet is aa little „known“, because no one benefits from that. How would corporations earn anything if everyone get the information that they do not need to go to work every day in order to buy food (because everyone says they have to work to buy food), but that for them to live it is enough to have their own piece of land, to plant fruits and vegetables and that they will be perfectly healthy that way.
What was the hardest thing to give up, and what are your experiences with workshops and „School of NoCooking“?
A man has to know why he is doing that, in order to successfully switch to raw food. I as a mother, as a role model for my child, if I thought that I had given up something with this diet I’d be a hypocrite. This is how I know that these are poisons, it’s not for anybody, so I do not have a sense of sacrificing anything. I have started workshops and „School of NoCooking“ as a desire to spread the knowledge to the people. In our region, there are not enough people who represent this lifestyle, so it’s important that we have as many as possible. People who come to the workshop are those who are awakening, realizing that there is something wrong with the food they eat, the way of life that they live and that society imposes. These are all like-minded people who become great friends, because the only way we can survive as a species is if we turn to each other, instead of becoming envious and spiteful. It is important that the word reach as many people as possible, to wake up and the next time they eat something and feel the tiredness and weight  or get sick to know that there is a remedy and it is not in a pharmacy, but in the plate. I wrote a book at the urging of many around me who by applying my advices and dishes that I made to myself during the transition to raw food. And  also lost weight, got healthy, and improved their psycho-physical condition. My book is about my switching to raw food, about the problems I have faced, both at home and outside, and about the reasons that led me to this. It also contains a 30-day menu with recipes for all 30 days.

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