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A few years ago she underwent cancer surgery, and after a number of exhausting therapies she found herself on the verge of dying. By using her strong mental willpower, changing the way she looked at things, her attitude towards life as well as her habits and diet she managed to defeat her illness and she proudly considers herself to be the healthiest woman in Serbia.
Maja Volk is quite a unique extraordinary woman. She is honest, direct, educated and brave. She is a musician, writer, missionary, a creative soul and the biggest advocate and promoter of raw nutrition on the Balkans, a real intellectual.
She fights stress with love and understanding. Her mornings begin with a half an hour fast walk, followed by a hearty breakfast or half a liter of green mushy juice that gives her energy and lifts her mood. She recommends that women should carry their high heels in their bags, walk as much as they can in a comfortable pair of walking shoes, get off the bus one or two stops before they normally would , go to work on foot, not cook but encourage the entire family to take part in preparing healthy food. Positive thoughts are a must!
Health is a big and a serious job, and Maja Volk works on it every day. Many people come to her for advice and help, but she is often saddened by the fact that most people do that only when their health is endangered. They call me when their disease has progressed to a more serious stage and when medicine has already done everything it could do and completely crippled them. I keep telling them: ,,Where were you five or six months ago, when you were diagnosed with carcinoma, you agreed with a crime and after that you came to me for help. Fewer people that approach me are people who are completely healthy and take care of themselves, people who are not satisfied with their surroundings and people that are aware of the fact that Serbia is not a healthy country. They want to improve their potential and they are the best and most open minded ones. There are even twelve year old girls that want to pursue that path.


Maja Volk wrote a book called 100 questions, 100 hundred answers in which she reveals many secrets of raw nutrition: how to deal with pesticides, where one can find vitamin B12, how to balance between groceries – these are only some of the questions that arrive at Maja Volk’s address on a daily basis.
-The most unusual question anyone has ever asked me was live in one radio show, where one man wanted to know how many days a week I have sexual relations I told him that I had been in celibacy for a couple of years already. From this perspective, love is far greater. You can have an orgasm while eating, and this raw nutrition basically consists entirely of aphrodisiacs.
It proved to be true and realized why I had this amount of love inside of me and why I constantly wanted to hug people.


,,Taking care of yourself can never be tied to selfishness’’, Maja remarks and remembers that she was addicted to love and the feeling of falling in love for a long time.
-When I am in love, I break down waterfalls, climb Mount Everest. I make miracles then!
The amount of energy you posses when you are in love is incredible. Gruja, my healthy life teacher explained to me that I always carry all this energy inside of me, but it gets unblocked when I am in love, but that it can all happen as well without me falling in love. This proved to be true not just by dieting but also by working on my feelings, and doing both physical and mental exercises.


Maja Volk says that she is the only person in Serbia who became famous because of her health and the way she defeated cancer.
-I feel grateful to cancer and if it wasn’t for all the ordeals I’ve been through, I wouldn’t be the healthiest person in Serbia today. It all helped me to see how pointless it was to chase success that led me to cancer. I worked constantly, wrote, tried to please everybody. We have a saying ,,You need to rest even your horse, but many people forget that’’.
Before her life’s biggest struggle, Maja led a life of a very ambitious woman. She achieved top results as a scientist, became a PhD in two fields by the age of thirty, and a professor too, but states that all of it is pointless today.
-The project ‘die from natural cause’’ is the most serious project in life, and it lasts longer than any movie script. Today I link writing and health. I have my books, my school of health, raw nutrition store that also serves as a school and a place for counseling, a TV show, I am creative, I am fulfilled, I offer free hugs and hypnotherapy to people.
When strangers come up to me and say: ”Thank you for saving my life’’, it bears some weight, then my mission has a purpose. I offer absolute truth and honesty to everyone. My joy was once staged and pre-taught, but this joy you see now is real. That is the difference between my previous and the life I have now.


Maja used to believe that “white lies” were very important, that we shouldn’t always tell the truth because it could often be perceived as cruel, but today she says that every truth is good as long as you choose the way in which you deliver it. A bad piece of news should be delivered with far greater love, consideration and smile than a good one.
-My teacher Gruja told me that I was evil and selfish to myself, but he did it by putting me on the sofa, placing my head in his lap, stroking my hair and telling me about how evil I was. And all that because I endangered my health with my negligence.
Gruja that Maja speaks of with such joy and respect is a man from whom she learned so much about health, life and everything in this world.
-He graduated from psychology and world literature, and is one of the most intelligent people I know. From 1978 he has been permanently healthy. He has been on raw food for 25 years already. First he practiced psychotherapy, worked on emotions, bought knowledge all over the world, and there isn’t any school or direction where he didn’t go and worked on everything that interested him about himself. Gruja is one of the wisest people I know, he defeated tuberculosis, cancer, asthma and depression. He runs for one hour every day with 12 kg weights, he doesn’t have a single wrinkle, he is the healthiest person I know and he is 78 years old. I don’t visit fat nutritionists, pulmonologists who smoke, alcoholic surgeons, and they do exist. To by health I go to those who have been healthy for a long time.


Maja remembers that in the previous decades she had many clear signs that her body reacted well to that type of diet, but she couldn’t interpret them correctly.
-I ate a lot of meat then, I hated boiled vegetables, and while I lived abroad I often didn’t have enough money. As a student in Paris the cheapest way to diet was eating fruit I used to live on one kilogram of clementines and one kilogram of bananas daily and I had never been healthier in my life. In Australia my menu mostly consisted of avocado, bananas and grapes. I was healthy and my hair was beautiful but I thought that the reason was the freedom and joy I had there, as well as the weather. Thirty years later I have that same feeling and energy as back then.


She first came into contact with raw food thanks to Gruja. He prepared her first raw mush and from that day on Maja made took the path towards health.
-Two hours after I ate his mush I felt this incredible surge of energy and realized that it was the real thing. I didn’t have a transitional period when switching to the type of diet that provides freedom; not eating thermally processed food was the only constraint.


One of the more frequent questions she has encountered is how people who eat raw food get vitamin B12.
majaVolk2-All this talk about B12 is a pomp launched by the meat industry. It is not true that it can only be found in meat, it is created in our intestines and we produce it from microorganisms. Meat rots in intestines of those who eat it. A person has enough microorganisms and we ourselves produce B12. It’s enough to pick a few blackberries from the side of the road and eat them unwashed, take a rotten cherry or take a capsule of probiotics and put it into some sunflower seed and there you have your B12. Do you think that nature is such an idiot not to allow for vitamin B12 to be around us? Not a single monkey is a carnivore, not a single primate. They sometimes have some meat, but only when there are no plants available. B12 can be found in a mighty African tree called moringa, in algae and every sea plankton. It dissipates slowly. I have been on this diet for six or seven years and I still have reserves. Who are the people that lack B12? Mostly people with Crone’s disease and that is a stomach disease caused by eating cooked or fried food.


A thing that also creates doubts for people that are one step away from raw dieting is a belief that there is nothing healthier than a plate of warm, cooked meal. A belief that children from this area have been taught for decades. But when it comes to this type of diet, there is no cooking.
-Raw soup can also be made with warm water. No animal eats warm food. No dog or a cat that take care of themselves will eat anything hot. We should eat food that is of the same temperature as our bodies. Our enfeebling with hot food is absurd. Sag, hot pepper, garlic, turmeric, curry and cinnamon are spices that heat up our bodies and should thus be used more. In my new book I tried to disclose all the prejudice of food and pharmaceutical industries, using arguments and facts. I always say that everybody has a right to destroy their own life and do as they wish with their health. Everyone is responsible for their own life, and my part is to provide information. If you still continue neurotically eating all sorts of food, even tough you posses all the knowledge, than you should start psychotherapy because you don’t love yourself.


majaVolk3Maja Volk has changed absolutely everything from her past, and many challenges and unconquered distances lay ahead of her.
-If you approach life as if you are going to live for an indefinite amount of time like me, you can make extraordinary plans. The beauty of years lies in the number of memories, and the number of songs I know, and all that I remember is immeasurable. I speak five, six languages but I decided to learn ancient Greek until the age of ninety. I haven’t yet tried paragliding, so I will do that too. I want to visit Congo, make a self sustainable house with a pool covered with Plexiglas, where everything would be powered by solar power. I have never been a bigger hedonist than today. We have a choice between pleasing ourselves or our own neurosis. I don’t know any animal that eats well for 200 days, and then kills itself on the remaining days. Many treat suicidal urges as hedonism. Not only do I please myself, but there is not a single cell in my organism that hasn’t received the maximum amount of love and attention from me. That’s way I am the biggest hedonist.

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