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Dear Friends,

It’s December, a month when many are waking up, hurrying to clean up the stuff they’ve been postponing and putting off, in the hope that some quick miraculous cure will show up and sort out everything in their lives.

momentumWhen will some people realize that there is no magical cure?! No technique that in one swift move will take away all that they have been working so hard on keeping. All that they have enormous secondary gains from! All that they hold holy, all that is a big part of their identity – of who they are!

And I cannot help but notice a huge incongruity in these people. They want to change – but they want everything to remain the same. They want to achieve big things – but they want them to just happen. When they share their dreams and goals the incongruity appears. And the main sponsor of the incongruity appears to be fear.

Listen my friends, wouldn’t you agree, that one of the biggest reasons why some people don’t get the results they want, and keep going round in circles looking for quick fixes that never amount to anything is FEAR. – It is the fear of leaving behind everything that hasn’t worked! It is the fear of leaving the comfort of the familiar. Fear of the new and unknown.

BUT it is precisely in the new, in the unfamiliar, in the unknown, that real change happens. This is where we thrive. This is where we evolve and live fully. This is where we get to use our potential. This is where we are meant to be!

Transformation happens when we leave the comfort of monotony, when we embrace the new and unknown. When we give in to our sense of adventure and the joy of exploration.

But it is exactly here, at the threshold to the adventure of the new, that the incongruity comes into play, that FEAR gets a hold on people, and they start coming up with the most incredible excuses and absurdly untrue reasons why they just can’t do or have something!

And this is when the request for the quick fix comes: “I have heard that somewhere there is this quick fix that you do once. And then my life is all sorted out. Instantly! I want you to show me how to do that! Now!”

What lies behind this request is this. I want a quick fix so that I can reap all the benefits of change, while I continue doing my usual crap, while I continue my old habits, beliefs and ways of being. I want effortless change without changing. I will just leave all responsibility for changes in my life in the hands of someone who promises the quick fix.
Come on! Let’s get real here. That quick fix doesn’t exist!

What does work is something else. Making decisions and being honest with yourself. Deciding that enough is enough and that the pain of staying where you are is bigger than the pain of the unknown.

If the familiar – as painful as it may be for some – wasn’t so damn comfortable, then more people would get their asses in gear and start changing it.

You see, when someone comes to me and tells me they SO want to change, that they are really, really motivated to change, and that they have tried everything and that nothing has worked … but they don’t really have 10 minutes a day to do something for themselves, to initiate the changes they want… I am sorry! I can’t take that person’s desire to change seriously. There is simply a lack of commitment.

I can understand why a person would believe that. I can understand how a person ends up believing that it would be impossible to gift even 10 minutes to themselves – but that doesn’t mean I am willing to accept it as an excuse.

How can someone talk about huge things and dreams but not be willing to make any little change in order to improve their state?! The question, “How badly do you want it,” pops up … not badly enough, obviously 🙂 !hoceteNaBrzaka

Now, if you can’t spare 10 minutes for yourself, this simply shows that maybe at this point in your life you are not fully committed to that dream of yours. – Maybe you are waiting for some ideal moment …? – And when exactly is it that, that perfect moment will occur 🙂 ? Or maybe your day is overloaded with demands on your attention; you are lost in the treadmill of your daily activities … in that case you need to step outside the contexts in order to be able to think – in order to do so, reserve the first 10 minutes of the day – before you do anything, before you get sucked into the over demanding routines. Spend these 10 minutes building your dream.

And with that in mind I would like to invite you to do something right now to start getting closer to your dreams. Get a blank sheet of paper and write down everything you want. Put on your favorite music and start writing. Lose yourself in carefree abandon. Allow yourself to fully devote yourself to you. Only you!

And then, on a scale of 1 – 10, check your honestometer! How honest are you with yourself when it comes to the reasons why you can’t have your dreams?

And while you are writing, allow yourself to go beyond what is familiar and dive deep into life, embrace it fully. Dance with it…

As in order to start creating something big, you’ll want to learn the art of giving 10 minutes to yourself, to your dream. As any big dream needs to start somewhere and with something.

So go on, be bold, be brave…Start small if you wanna go big. 10 minutes is all it takes…You wanted something quick…here it is – 10 minutes! Are you gonna do it? I bet you will!

You deserve it now more than ever!!!And remember, for anything you want in life, the following is a very good recipe:





Here’s to your continuing success!

Your, can-do-a-lot-in-10-minutes, trainers 🙂 !

Lidija & Thomas

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