Our face is our ID card


If we look back on the fact that we evolved from semen and that all of our body parts grew out from that, all of our organs, organ systems, blood and lymph vessels… How can we, then, think of ourselves as a collection of parts?
Can we still be persuaded that kidneys have nothing to do with ears, that eyes and eyesight are in no way connected to the liver, that skin does not react to changes in the central nervous system and that it is not connected to the lungs? I love Eastern medicine, as much as our own, Western, through which I have acquired knowledge and foundation for my work. I always recall our own Mika Antić and his eternal piece of wisdom:
“There are no limits! Only the illusion of limits! For the thing that we are not aware of is not nonexistence, but existence without us…”

Windows to the health

Do not be surprised if an Eastern doctor unmistakably points out the exact organ, emotion, lifestyle or eating habit that you need to pay closer attention to, based on a change in the skin pigmentation, acne, moles, skin irritation, paleness or redness of the skin.
The reflex zones, windows to our health, our psycho-physical state and energy potential are found all over the body. Reflexotherapy points of the face and the head, the feet and the hands are especially accessible. Since the face is our ID card and the eyes are windows to the soul, I wish to share with you, my dear, a few pieces of advice based on reflexotherapy of the face and teach you how to easily help yourselves and your loved ones.

The Third eye

Having washed your hands well, position yourself comfortably in an armchair or an office chair and put your palms on the sides of your face. Take a few deep breaths in, first filling up the lower parts of the lungs, pushing the diaphragm down (filling up the stomach like a balloon), then continue breathing in, filling up the lungs to their full capacity, taking off all of your armors and limiters. Make sure that you breathe out as slowly as possible and that it relieves both your mental anxieties and everything that upsets you, suffocates you or brings you restlessness.
In between the eyebrows, there is a reflex zone of the head. Some refer to this section as “The Third eye”, while the Chinese call it “The lake of tears”. In order to centrally relax the body, use the fingertip of the middle finger to apply pressure in a clockwise circular motion while exhaling. Gradually increase the pressure to the limits of comfort. Remove the fingertip from the skin’s surface while exhaling. Repeat this stimulation 10 times.pedjaFilipovic

The face says it all

In the middle of the forehead, right in between the upper line of the eyebrows and the hairline, lies a highly important zone which, when stimulated, relaxes the whole body of the tension that comes from unsettling thoughts, ambitions, redundant recapitulations and analyses. While exhaling, slide the fingertips of the middle fingers, applying a slight pressure, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, then, using a lighter pressure, return to the starting position using the same path while inhaling. Move on to the next move after 10 or so repetitions.
Place the fingertips on the upper brow line, on the lower edge of the frontal bone. Start at the nasal root and work your way towards the temples. This is the zone for the shoulder area and the arms, while the temples are the reflex zone of the hands. If you are troubled by tension in the neck-shoulder area, spend more time at the start of this zone (nasal root), and if you use your hands a lot in your everyday life – focus on a detailed and extended massage of the temples. Massaging the reflex zone for arms and hands will surely have a deeper effect, because 6 major energy meridians pass through it – for the heart, pericardial sac, lungs, small intestine, large intestine and “the triple warmer”. If we don’t forget the micro-macro principle that one is in everything and everything is in one, nor the fact that reflex zones for all of the organs and organ systems are found on hands, self-massaging the temples to the limits of comfort will provide a relaxing effect and one that will reenergize the whole body.pedjaFilipovic4

Tension removal

One of the zones of the back, muscles that go down the spine, which particularly disturb our form due to their tenseness or slow us down because of the painful sensations that they cause, is found along the both sides of the nose.
Neck area of the spine is reflected in the very nasal root, while the lumbar part is reflected in the nasal tip. Using the fingertips of the middle fingers, vigorously rub up and down the front line of the nose and coordinate this stimulation with breathing in order to feel relief in your back.BanerspaKC
Place the fingertips of your thumbs against the juncture point of the ear with the face. If you want to relax and relieve the tension from your mind, body and soul, massage this line top to bottom, towards the lower jaw line. If you wish to awaken yourselves a bit, improve your body’s tone or prepare yourselves for some physical activity, massage this zone vigorously, starting from the lower jaw line and upwards, towards the upper juncture point of the earlobe with the face. Repeat this stimulation 20 or so times.
The reflex zone of the large intestine is found around the mouth. If you have trouble with constipation, massage the area from the lower jaw line, along the lip line, all the way through the right nosewing, massage it with a deep vibration and using your fingertips. This way, you are giving information to the ascending colon. Continue along the line below the nose and above the upper lip line, towards the left nosewing. By doing this, you will stimulate the reflex zone of the transverse colon. After this, move down in a vibrating motion, going from the left nosewing to the lip line (stimulating the descending colon). From the left part of the lip line, continue vibrating down the little dimple in the center of the chin and to the very tip of the chin (stimulating the sigmoid colon and its very end).

Inner peace

Together with deep breathing exercises, help your lungs in another way – through self-massage. Starting from the juncture of the nose with the face and working your way towards the ears, massage the skin of the cheekbone area, gradually intensifying the pressure to the limits of comfort. A zone that especially contributes to the relaxation is the hairline. Start massaging from the central upper part, moving down to the juncture point of the ear with the head, applying a relaxing and relieving amount of pressure.
The gallbladder meridian extends along the whole area around the ears, on the sides of the hair-covered part of the head. If you have any accumulated anger, if you are upset or feel an energy imbalance, massage this area vigorously using your fingertips. Do not massage like when washing your hair, but press your fingertips firmly against the scalp and feel each of the skin structures moving as you perform this self-massage.
In the foramen magnum lies a zone that can relieve nervousness and insecurities and also contribute to achieving inner peace. Considering the fact that we provide the zone of medulla oblongata, area where centers for breathing and heart functions are positioned, with information – this point holds a special place in acupressure.
Position your thumb in the center of the foramen magnum, take a deep breath in, gently tilt your head backwards while exhaling, applying pressure with your thumb to the limits of comfort. Repeat the massage 5 times, while continuing to breathe.

How to restore your eyesight?

Starting from the foramen magnum, slowly follow the line of the parietal bone with your thumbs and massage it section by section, moving your fingers towards roots of the ears. Considering the fact that the eye nerve reflects in the parietal area, a comment that I frequently get after this segment of self-massage is: “I can see now!”.
Pay special attention to the massage of the scalp, the parietal area of the head. Energy meridians of the urinary bladder and the gallbladder, as well as the governing vessel meridian, all extend through this area.
Points and zones that are connected to experience, emotions and records from different periods of life are also found in this area, but I will write about this later and pay special attention to this segment. For now, locate the spot at the very top of your head, where the lines of the nose and ear tips intersect. Easterners call this “the junction point of all the gods” or “the gate of the gods” and it is of utmost importance for the energy flow and harmonization of the flow throughout the body. Place your fingertip on this spot and stimulate it while exhaling, until you reach the limit of a pleasant, freeing pain. Repeat this 5 times.
You can apply this self-massage daily. Listen to your body, your needs and the effects of what you do. Do not forget to smile at yourself and to cover every cell of your being with love before starting the self-massage.

Peđa Filipović
Foto: Zoran Kovačević


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