Musings in the now!

A: Hey, how are you? You…Yes You!

B: Ah, sorry, I was miles away…Actually, I’ve no idea where I am these days…Actually come to think of it, it’s not just these days…it’s these months…Maybe even this lifetime! Do you know what I mean?

A: Kind of…I’ve been there before…and the concept of not being present and mindful of where I am, seems very alien to me right now… but I am curious to take a walk with you…if, of course, you are willing:-)!

B: What do you mean by ‘kind of…’? Are you telling me that you always know where you are, and what you are doing, and that you are always present, always here, always in the now?!

A: Absolutely not! I have my version of floating around and not being present here and now, that is different to yours…What I do, however, is I tend to be present…whatever that means…present in/with my thoughts, my body, the quality of my feelings, my own states…I specifically pay attention to my shadows…as in them lies the answer for many things…many of my ‘unwanted’ and sometimes ‘wanted’ emotions… 

B: What do you mean shadows? Shadows of others?! I can do that…I empathize and can shadow people, can easily get into their shoes, and get them, you know, really get them! And now that I am talking about it, I remember that sometimes I feel like they do…Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s good to feel and see the world like someone else, through someone else’s eyes…but isn’t it then that we become alienated from us?

A: From our own feelings…Oh wait…Am I being in the present now…Now that I actually can sensitize with my feelings, with this current state of mine…wait…mmmm….Wow! Feeeeel….

B: But wait…let’s go back to shadows…I am curious to find out more…

A: It’s an old concept, yet very alive and present in every single one of us…some people fear them, and camouflage them with a certain set way they behave, act, make jokes of behaviours, actions, humor…Others however, welcome them- their shadows, work with them, listen to them, allow them to come out and play, so to speak!
As, one of the ways to get the shadows out and bring them to light, is to acknowledge them, get to know them better, to see them, introduce yourself to them, ask them what their intention is, what is it that they want, what needs they have and why, go deeper with them…Why they exhibit a certain class of behaviors, states, emotions, that many times instead of helping you, they block you and keep you small…It’s fears, it’s the need for righteousness, the need to always be right, stubbornness, excessive joy, false positivity, adjusted authenticity, you name it, it’s hidden in the shadows…and they just want to be seen, noticed. As shadows nobody pays attention on them, and they just, like everyone, want to be hugged.

B: I like to think of them as building blocks for Ego mind! So once you start dismantling those blocks, observing them without judging them or evaluating them, you’ll notice this instant ease and lightness of being, you may start seeing the world differently…You may experience less fear and more real joy, you may start experiencing you as you! Finally!
A: When this happens, you may start uncovering discovering your new qualities, experiencing yourself, introduce yourself to self as a whole new person, appreciating yourself differently, cherishing those new found qualities and finding new ways to use them…
So this sounds like a kind of Spiritual/Emotional Makeover, without heavy make up, aesthetic surgeries, Botox and collagen :-)!
A: Kind of…if that’s how you want to look at it!
What I find fascinating though is that once you start living in and with yourself, inhabiting you as you, your new behaviours, wishes, your new states will get you closer to your old or new goals, or just goals. You will not be setting intentions and goals by default, or because you have to do something, but they will be a part of your integral self, core self, and you will, slowly, get closer and achieve whatever you set your mind to!

A: You will be the authority for yourself! You will be yourself authority! There is no higher authority for you than you! You take charge for the ways your life goes. You no longer need to rely on self proclaimed gurus and their experiences, but you will start experiencing life on a different level – your own!

You will understand your life backwards, but you’ll start living from now thus creating your beautiful future! Forwards!

Live, be, do in the now, as now is probably one of the biggest treasures you will ever really own!

Sending you oceans of love,

Lidija, Thomas & Nana – our guest blogger

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