Maturity as a path to wisdom


“Listen to your being, it is continuously giving you hints, it is a still, small voice. And if you are a little silent, you will start feeling your way. Be the person you are. Never try to be another and you will become mature…” (Osho, from the book Maturity: the Responsibility of Being Oneself)

“Love cannot be destroyed by marriage. It is destroyed by those who don’t know how to love. Love is destroyed because in the first place love is not. You have been living in a dream. Reality destroys that dream. Otherwise love is part of eternity” – these words of a famous spiritual teacher Osho can be found in the book Maturity: the Responsibility of Being Oneself.

How to grow in love?

Osho claimed that marriage represents a great opportunity to grow in love, about which he wrote in this book as well.
-Love is not just passion, love is not an emotion. Love is a very deep understanding that somebody somehow completes you. Somebody makes you a full circle. Love gives you freedom to be who you are – Osho used to say. He died in 1990, but his books continued to live and still are among the bestselling worldwide.
Parents who disrespect their children will necessarily destroy their lives – warns Osho in his book Maturity, giving a strong message to parents: “Your respect, your love, your gratitude that, “You have chosen us as your parents”, will be responded to with deeper respect, more gratitude, more love.

Love makes no conditions

When you love somebody, you cannot condition them. You give them freedom and protection, and by giving freedom, by allowing the child to be itself whatever that means, accepting it in its natural self wherever it leads, you are creating a child who will worship you. It will carry the beautiful memory in its heart forever, and its gratitude towards you will make it absolutely certain that what has been done for it, it has to do for the future generations.
That life is dialectic is one of Osho’s theories, explaining it thusly:
-You cannot be happy forever; otherwise, happiness will lose all meaning. You cannot be in harmony forever, otherwise you will become unaware of the harmony. Harmony has to be followed by discord again and again, and happiness has to be followed by unhappiness. Every pleasure has its own pain, and every pain has its own pleasure. Unless one understands this, one remains in unnecessary misery.
Osho made an exceptional contribution to the science of inner transformation and is one of the most famous and most provocative spiritual teachers of the 20th century. This book offers advice on maturity as a path to wisdom, on the skill of overcoming problems instead of solving them, and reveals how to transform the middle age crisis into a creative explosion. With this book, Osho is returning to the essence of growing up which in itself differs from growing old.

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