Life like special occasion

A dress in the shop window caught my attention, and I decided to check it out. A lovely shop assistant greeted me with the usual hi-how-can-i-help-you and asked if I was looking for a dress for a special occasion…I responded that in my world life is a special occasion!

She gave a wry smile and l continued to wander around the shop.

But, her comment and my reply stayed with me long after I left the shop!

You see, we wait for the right occasion, perfect timing, weather, people, in short, we wait for life to happen, while it is unfolding in front of our very eyes. While it is giving us a perfect opportunity to be. To enjoy. To live. To show up fully. But no, we choose to wait, to be blinded by a constant barrage of useless information while dreaming of perfect tomorrows and special occasions.

So how about this…You stop waiting for a special occasion and use this very moment as the most special occasion there is.

You don’t have to go all Eckhart Tolle on yourself (though I love the guy and his philosophy), you just decide to celebrate you! Today! This moment!

Having dinner at home?! Great! Substitute the usual crockery and replace it by using the best china, you know, the one that only comes out at Christmas and special occasion! Light a candle, put a music of your choice, dress nicely, show up! Treat yourself like the queen or the king that you are.

You see, it’s like this my darlings…you don’t wait for the celebratory moment to open a bottle of champagne. You open it to make it a celebratory moment!

Special occasion is now. Special occasion is life. Special occasion is you my dear!

Sending you oceans of effervescent love!

Photo by Ema Bednarž

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