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The story about chakras is a story about energy. Chakras represent a very subtle form of energy, located along our spine and each one offers different perspective of life or the situation in which we find ourselves.
If you think about spine as a form of an elevator, chakras are like different floors on which we can sense different experiences. On every floor that follows your view will be different, as you climb higher and higher. Chakras determine the way you use your energy.
Every attempt to block or deny the expression of that life energy will lead to a bad response from our entire organism, as disease, discomfort, fear or emotional misbalance.zokaMatovic1

Heart chakra (trusting instead of fighting)

Every view from the heart chakra is different. The path of heart that flows from your being is full of warmth and joy. Today’s view on life is ‘’the one of a fight’’. It is no wonder that many techniques encourage people to use words such as ‘’fight’’ and ‘’you must’’ less. And many people promote very such things. Great number of people follow that until they end up drowning in mud again, because ‘’having to do something’’ is aggressive on its own, and that aggressiveness is precisely the thing that keeps a person in a state of fight. Fight comes from fear; fear of being poor, not just material, but from all other forms. That path is not the one of the heart. The path of the heart is not a strategy, it is not a question ‘’is this good for me?’’ It is not a well-made plan.
There are people who understand and those who don’t. And they fail to understand because of that very level of floor on which they happen to be on, and also because of the view that they have as well as clinging onto certain views. You can not judge even that. I haven’t flattered myself very much in life, but a very small thing that i did which made all the difference was the fact that i respected everything. I sometimes even used words like ‘’must’’ and ‘’fight’’. Whatever somebody was doing i respected it. Again, a lot of people take up yoga, only to become victims of people who can not even get themselves to start.
How do you do yoga and at the same time drink, smoke or eat meat? Some things inside of us are much more important than that. I am not encouraging anything, i am just saying that it is better to do yoga despite of the other things that we do. Many people give up because they can not deal with the fact that they smoke, drink coffee or eat meat. This doesn’t only apply to doing yoga, but also for many other things like learning, doing business and making decisions. The path of coercion is not the path of the heart, and these days in all that alternative love, we find ourselves on the verge of a war between vegans, vegetarians and people who eat meat. It is like we have lost that path of the heart and trust in our own choices.
Today we yield in front of the majority and other people’s choices far more often, because the thing that is approved by the majority becomes something safe and something that we consider to be enough for us. But, the path of the heart is rarely the same as the one of the majority. There is a big difference between what others expect from you, and your own feelings.

A heart that is bleeding

Unlike people who feel nothing, there are those who are not capable to differentiate their own and other people’s problems. Those people often do things for other people in order to get accepted and their relationships are unhealthy and painful.
Further specific problem that is typical for an awakened heart is giving yourself in a wrong way or when you have excessive desire to give and to feel good while you are doing that. But, while others think that the problem lies in the ‘’giving’’ part, i feel that today ‘’accepting and receiving’’ is a far greater issue. Recognize whether you are unprepared and clumsy when you are about to receive a gift, even if it is a simple compliment. Pay attention to the way you feel when somebody gives you a compliment.
A heart that is ‘’bleeding’’ often changes our perception, making us see in others more good than it exists. And if somebody tells you something nice, you will just say that you are aware of yourselves and that you very well know that you are insecure, bad, miserable, but you don’t say that, no matter how you introduce yourself to others.
And if somebody were to tell you that you are not the person you think you are, you would start convincing him or her that it can not be seen, but that it is the truth. You just look good, but inside it is a whole other story, the one that you hide from everybody, the one that separates you from everything that you would like. While you see in others far better things than you see in yourselves.
Compassion becomes infinite pain and sorrow.
The heart chakra awakens compassion. If it is not balanced it can lead to infinite pain and sorrow. Guilt and shame are also present.
It is a mistake to accept that pain personally as if it was your fault, and when this chakra is not balanced you sympathize with everyone’s pain.
But, when the fourth chakra is balanced and when you are become able to live from the heart chakra, you will escape the fight floor and you will share the same world with everyone, but not their internal fights.
Therefore it is not a surprise that people that have problems with being over compassionate run from people, because they feel too much, and get emotionally emptied especially after meeting someone who has a lot of problems. They do whatever they can to help others, just so they can lessen their pain. Not separating your problems from other people’s problems is not easy, but when your compassion for all the suffering in the world is balanced it doesn’t drag you down, it leads you to make actions. You should always return here if you want to solve a conflict with some person.zokaMatovic

Everything for love

The first awakening of the heart chakra is perceived as a blessing in those rare moments when you feel in peace with yourself and the world, and when you start to enjoy other people’s company as well as being alone.
Love naturally pours out from the heart. When you love others in a way that their happiness is in the top priorities, it comes from the fourth chakra. Have you ever loved someone in that way?
Spread the presence of peace and joy around you, nut if you start paying too much attention to yourself you will end up burning inside.
When love becomes a need a lot gets lost, because we say ‘’i love you’’ but we mean ‘’I need you’’.
Unconditional love can lead to reckless love and a belief in other people’s qualities even though they don’t exist. Heart has a way of bending perception and make you see more good than it is, again because of some of your ‘’old reasons’’, and the ways love was presented to you. You can easily discover this with one simple question, do you love that person at these moments or do you love that person because of the person they will be when they change.
A person can not change simply because someone else wants them to, because they will always end up returning to their own will, so stories of people doing everything for someone else, and he or she returned to being that same old person.


You are experiencing change; something is happening with you, as if you have removed some dark curtains and introduced changes you wanted. You are finally starting to feel better, but you suddenly realize that the people around you don’t like those changes.
Don’t judge, he or she is also fighting for existence.
Everybody is has a way in which they treat you and now you want to change that. Then instead of moving forward, you are suddenly faced with a group of enemies pulling you back?! This is not easy to accept, no matter how well someone understands this in theory. As a result of fear from losing friends, relatives, associates and those closest to you many people give up or suppress a great deal of anger constantly asking themselves why aren’t they encouraging me. When you notice a storm, be aware that you are changing.
Becoming aware of things helps you in all areas because when you change you get the insight of the people next to you. When you start advancing you will notice do you no longer want to spend time with negative people and but will rather run towards those people who encourage you.
People who are next to you are a very good indication of where you are, and your emotional level.
It is very important to have someone who encourages you to follow a new path. During that process many people leave because they no longer belong there. When you change, the type of people around you also changes. You have probably lost some of your friends that you have helped a lot, during different periods of your change, and you don’t know the reason behind their departure. Even though you have helped them it turned out that they didn’t look forward to your success. You haven’t done anything bad but you have lost them anyway. On the contrary, what you did was nothing but good, you have made a step forward, and everything that was not good for you disappeared along with your previous state that was blocking you.

Lost in a sea of emotions

A middle aged girl was suffering from agoraphobia and she was very attached to her husband who drove her to work and back home. The minute she started feeling better, he tried all means to sabotage her and tie her to himself. Another person wanted to start their own company but was overly attached to his parents. Even though he had rational conditions to do that, he could get any support. When we say that everyone is fighting for their own existence we don’t simply mean materialistically but also about that person’s emotional needs. The father of that man had the need to constantly be ‘’the financially strongest’’ one in the house. That gave him satisfaction; made him feel important and he didn’t like his son’s idea and the possibility of him becoming financially stronger than him.

Many people fail because they don’t receive any support, because others want to make them stay in those places where they have been miserable and sad for many years. Many people are suppressing many things as we speak, hoping that they won’t resurface, and that it must be done that way. Many people admit and ask what should I do next, but all of them know the path their hearts want to take. Every time I managed to find courage and pursue that path I succeeded. He is always waiting for you no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much pain, fear, grief and disappointment there is, he is waiting for you in your heart. And once you start following the path of the heart it is very easy to stray and end up getting lost in a sea of emotions, but one thing is certain, as time goes by you will end up straying less and less. Always keep in mind that love is the strongest force in the world.

Zorana Matović

Photo by Sanja Rajković

Zorana Matović is a life coach, dance yoga instructor, and the creator of Viola program.

Individual consultation, also available via Skype can be scheduled by calling this number +38164-35-36-981 or via e-mail

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