Kundalini (creative or sexual energy)


When we think about spatial design, what comes to mind is an apartment or a house, the neighborhood, a village, city, our garden or any other  space we wish to arrange. But, is the house, which we live in, the true boundary of the space we call our own, or the extension of ourselves? Could it be that we, ourselves are the space we are designing and is this the point from which we actually should start?
There’s an opinion that, when we surround ouselves with positive, beautiful and harmonious entities, their influence can help us to harmonise our personal energy and reach a state of tranquility and harmony? This claim happens to be true. We must admit that we, at least once in our lifetime, have felt filled with happiness when we found ourselves in a place full of good energy or in a pleasant company. We probably wished  for it to last forever. However, the only way for it to last forever , is to achieve it by ourselves through our own evolution. This requires a lot of work and knowledge of certain techniques and spiritual disciplines, which sometimes takes years of hard work. This is usually the main reason for many to give up.


Well, let us once again think about what we’re giving up. According to Kundalini Tantra and Kundalini Yoga teachings, which are a combination of many yogic techniques, there’s a  potential force inside the physical body in each one of us. It is a dormant potential force in the material body and is called kundalini. Kundalini is a creative energy, the energy of self-realization, self-expression, the unconscious in a man, the originative energy, divine energy and often is defined as sexual energy. By activating this energy structure we can broaden our consciousness, develop intelligence and many other abilities. After all, it is up to us whether we will use this energy or which way we’ll direct it.
If we are aware that by awakening, activating and utilising this energy in our physical body, we can induce the rejuvenation process and the acceleration of the process of, not only physical, but also mental and spiritual evolution, are we not to consider again should we really pass the opportunity?
The fact is that it is difficult, sometimes even impossible for most of us, to spare a few hours a day for exercise, meditation and practise necessary to master the technique and bring ourselves in a constant state of harmony. But everyone can find 10 minutes. That’s quite enough time to watch The Energy Triangle, the artwork created as an instrument for harmonization of energy in a human body. This  artwork via audio-visual stimuli leads the viewer into a state that is the same as if practitioning Kundalini yoga. The Energy  Triangle can also be experienced as a tool that in today’s age of hustle and bustle, gives us a chance to feel how is it when we, ourselves manage our energy and resources.

Jelena Dejanovska

Photo: Vojislav Došen
Hair: DM’s Hairlounge
Make up: Zorica Epifanić

Jelena Dejanovska, PhD has been committed for years to studying space, energy and energy harmonizing. Since 2004 she has been working on space arrangement,  interior design and  balancing energies in space in accordance with Feng Shui principles. By combining knowledge about 3D space, movement of energies and their effects, she continued her research and in 2013. she finished her doctoral dissertation regarding these topics at the University of Arts, Department of Digital Arts. Currently she works as a scientist – researcher at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.
“The Energy Triangle” is the title of Jelena’s doctoral paper and art work where she  analyzed and explained the concepts and methods of harmonizing energies in the human organism with the help of the digital, animated installation ( The paper was created through the analysis of various esoteric concepts while giving special attention to the ancient Indian concept of Kundalini Tantra.

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