Live a Why Not Life


Hands up everyone who has had enough of fitting in, enough of doing it by the book, enough of having to constantly adjust their authenticity – enough of adjusting who they really are! Enough of always having to lower it by a notch or two. Enough of having to pretend to be who they are not!

Enough is enough. There will always be those who do not approve of your life choices, because when you take your game to a higher level it does not fit their idea of you. They do not like it when you are no longer imprisoned in the cage they think fits you!momentumStrategies1

We are not animals or slaves. We cannot be tamed or kept in a cage. Freedom is our basic need – From the space of freedom we create, dream and accomplish the impossible.

And if you have been feeling off kilter, stuck, uncomfortable in your own skin – if you have been feeling that you are getting less from life than you deserve – look around you:

Who or what in your life is it that contributes to you playing small?

Who or what in your life is telling you that you should lower your expectations of yourself?

And as you take stock of your imposed life choices, put on your favorite music, take a piece of paper, and start writing while dancing – yes, while dancing! you want to do this in a new way, while moving and thinking in a new way – start writing:

– What you will no longer tolerate in your life

– Whose programming are you carrying, and

– Whose patterns are you repeating that no longer serve you, and that you are willing to let go of now!

Use this Spring to spring clean your life from all you’ve been telling yourself, and all what you’ve been led tmomentumStrategies3o believe about what you can and what you cannot do. Clean up all the bullshit about what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Do it! It is time to start living: – It’s time to start living a Life!

The sooner you do it, the lighter you’ll feel. Take it from me! I shed 33 kg of what no longer serves me! 33 kg of other people’s crap and expectations! 33 kg of being nice to everyone and tolerant of everything! – Enough was enough!

When your Soul starts rebelling, you know it’s time to change the rules of the game. Or to leave the game altogether and create a new game, with new rules. A game filled with love, a game that will attract those who dream your dream, without you having to explain it, a game that will attract noble and gentle souls, a game fit for the Queen or King that you are! Your game! Not a game you are being dragged to play – but a game that you want to play! The A game!

It’s time to wake up and realise that what really matters is you. The real you! Your true desires! Your dreams! Your very essence – your Soul!

And those who need to stay in your life will. As for the rest … they’ll get busy looking for others to tame.

Live a life worth living, and the world will eventually adjust!

Live a Fuck Yes Life!!!

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Sending you oceans of love,


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