How to furnish a director’s office and improve your business?

Leaders are always on top and never sit behind the door

The position of the general manager’s or director’s office must always be carefully chosen, since its position and interior design are of great importance for the success of the business. Feng Shui expert Sandra Drincic says that director’s office should be located diagonally from the main door, and in the case of a multi-story building that is used by only one company, the key people running the company should use a space on the last floor (offices without ceiling slopes).

– The rule says : “the ones who rule sit on top” says Sandra Drincic and points out that the working desk should be placed diagonally to the entrance door in the director’s office. -It is also not desirable to sit behind the front door, because the energy then will not be able to reach the person sitting there, and thus neither money nor new opportunities will reach him/her. The position of the working table should be such that the director’s back should be placed against a wall. Placing a painting of a mountain with no snow, water or sharp ridges and peaks on that wall will strengthen the director’s position even more – Sandra Drincic says.

Lose doorknob – lose job

The doorknob always needs to be working properly. Sandra reminds us that many companies do not pay attention to these little things (these are just small things from their point of view) and say that these are the key metaphysical things that need to be controlled.
– If the GM’s office doorknob is lose, his/her work can become the same. It can also cause him/her pain in one of the elbows. The office door should be opened at an angle of 90 degrees. There must be nothing behind it that prevents would prevent it from opening them completely (a hanger and similar) – adds Sandra Drincic.

Flower plants for greater growth and progress

If a window is located across the front door of the office, Sandra says that it is mandatory to set up a slightly larger decoration or an orchid pot on the window sill.
-This will prevent the energy outflow through the window (the door-window line) – Sandra Drincic reveals. – Plants in the office increase the energy of growth and progress, and orchids bring harmony. Wall paintings or posters in the office should represent the goals of future projects. If the view from the office is not beautiful, if there are, for example, hospitals, firefighters, construction sites, etc. hanging decorative crystals should be placed on the window to ‘break’ down the negative energy that is visible from the outside.

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