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How to Feng Shui your bedroom? (Sandra Drinčić)

Invite love into your life

“Negative emotions lead to harmful thoughts and illnesses”

According to traditional Chinese medicine, lack of love leads to lack of health. It also preaches that every conflict can endanger our health. One look at a person’s home reveals a lot about the relationships within – says world renowned Feng Shui expert Sandra Drinčić and explains how each of us can create a love nest in our bedroom in her book “Feng Shui – Secrets for Love” (Feng shui za ljubav”).

– The headboard of the bed should be up against the largest bedroom wall. There shouldn’t be a kitchen or a bathroom behind this wall, and if there is, then you must move the bed 30 centimeters away from the wall and in the space in between place a shelf in the shape of a capital Greek letter pi (“Π”), – as Sandra Drinčić explains in her aforementioned book, – The bed should never be placed so that it faces the door as such a position attracts illness, displeasure, parting of ways etc. The best position for a bed is for it to be approachable from both sides; one side should never be against the wall. When this is the case, the partner sleeping on the open side of the bed is always the dominant one in the relationship. Placing a bed in the center of the room invokes fear and discomfort. Metal frames are not recommended as they have a negative effect on the sleeper’s aura, and in most cases couples who used these beds didn’t last long. A round bed is also ill-advised since it brings about confusion and insomnia, whereas canopy beds hinder the flow of energy. The space under the bed should always be clean and without any boxes. Many couples sleeping above boxes filled with shoes or tools were faced with difficulties in conceiving.

Romance at home means romance in life

Those in love are never ill – says Sandra Drinčić who has for two decades studied only the flow of energy and its effect on our lives. She also says that the living space holds the energy of its previous resident, and to those recently divorced she suggests buying a new mattress and washing the frame of the bed using a solvent of water, sea salt and apple vinegar, so that they may cleanse the bed i.e. erase the previous owner’s presence.

– If you wish for a true and loyal man at your side, you should place an angel figurine at a mini altar in the north-west corner of your bedroom – is one of the Feng Shui secrets, and in the book “Feng Shui – Secrets for Love” there are many ancient secrets of furniture placement used to avoid negative emotions which affect all relationships. – A home filled with romance reflects on the soul’s depth and the honest heart of its resident. The force of love can be felt in such a home even when everyday problems arise. By decorating your home romantically, you show how much you love the space you live in – concludes Sandra Drincic, adding that decorating your home with pastel colors with “yang” elements of a pale pink color, as well as bright green flowers with pink motifs and figurines can open your home to positive romantic energy.

Feeling ill

Emotions are considered to be the main cause of illness according to traditional Chinese medicine.
– How we feel is intertwined with the state of our soul. Rash and reckless decisions as well as set patterns in relationships keep us from having clear insight as to how those relationships affect our health. When we are dissatisfied with our partner, best friend or a family member, over time our negative emotions create negative thoughts, causing certain parts of our body to fall ill.

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