How does hairstyle look according to Feng Shui?

(Jelena Dejanovska, PhD and Dragutin Marković)

What can you get when hairstyle that you have completely comply with your personality, when it is adapted to an event, when it builds your confidence, when it catches the eye of others or if it causes admiration? Jelena Dejanovska, PhD in Arts and bioenergetics practitioner with Dragutin Marković, hairdresser have answer to this question.fengShuiFrizure4
Since ancient times it is known that hair is the most beautiful ornament (adornment) of women. Thinking about this Jelena Dejanovska, PhD noticed that besides ornaments, hair can be an excellent medium for the expression of personality, character, desire and intention.
– In the same way as we can change the space with the application of certain principles for designing space so that it becomes an extension of ourselves, also using the same principles the hair can become an extension of our personalities – says Jelena Dejanovska, PhD for BGonline. On the other hand we are used to the uniform expressions, recognizable forms and the likelihood of being identified with someone else just because they carry the popular hairstyle that falls into the category of “must have” and “must be”. Unfortunately, those can’t fit to everyone…

First hairstyle according to Feng Shui by Jelena and Dragutin is representing one of the 5 elements – Fire.fengShuiFrizure2
“Must have” solution for all those who do not want to give up their identity and become a part of “copy-paste” production nowadays is hairstyle according Feng Shui! What kind of hairstyle is this?
The hairstyle according to Feng Shui has been created for you. It is a unique creation, customized by your character and fits only to you– reveals Dejanovska, PhDthe creator of this concept. -The Possibility of creating and finding the perfect hairstyle that will be fully in line with one’s personality and make it authentic are endless. Sometimes it is enough to determine the hair color and thus give energetic support to the person’s life energy. Sometimes it is desirable to define the volume, and sometimes we need to change the entire composition by introducing winding or sharp lines. About these changes Jelena decides during the interview with the client which is also the first step on the personal, but the energy changes.
-Conversation with the client takes about an hour. During this time, first of all, I inform the client about the possibilities (for example, it is very important to know whether the desired hairstyle is wearable or it belongs to fantasy, or avant-garde). This is followed by a conversation about what this change brings and what kind of personal progress is expressed through the hair. Each woman has at least once felt self-confidence that brought her the perfect hairstyle. Dejanovska, PhD notes that these effects can significantly increase when you consciously decide what you want to achieve.
If your goal is to devote yourself to work on finances, then you might be proposed “turtle” as a technique and a way of shading. Color, shape, cutting techniques and other details are also important and how they will look like depends on which field of life you want to awaken energy. This conversation with the client is necessary to clearly determine the needs, habits, and expectations of the client.fengShuiFrizure1
There are 3 basic ways of influence on the life energy using hairstyle – says Dejanovska, PhD. – The first is related to your basic nature and energy, the second is attached to your character and driving force that lies beneath the external phenomena, and the third is your own expression, or how others see you. This is followed by analysis. Information about clients, date and time of birth are necessary for analysis. Determination of the color, length, form and final form follows in relation to the calculations. It ends with the creation of several proposals. The second step is to meet with hairdresser when we analyze the proposed solutions together. With joint forces we decide on the final solution. The third step is realization.
Jelena Dejanovska, PhD as the author of this concept has tremendous confidence in hairdressers Dragutin Markovic, who is her “right hand” and the creator of all that she conceive when it comes to hairstyles according to Feng Shui. She points out that the Feng Shui is a science, but also art.
– To transfer the principles that I use for spatial planning to an entirely new medium ( the hair) I had to think first of all as an artist, but also as a an bioenergetics. In order to realize the first hairstyle, it was necessary to find a professional who with the same dose of the artist in himself approach his work – hairdresser.
Dragutin Markovic, owner of the salon DM’s Hairlounge, exceptional hair stylist and creative, a great admirer of the work of Dejanovska, PhD but also the philosophy of Feng Shui.
-First time I have renovating my salon with Jelena’s advice four years ago and since then every year we do a correction. The job has tripled, my creativity is a much bigger, and the salon has a different energy, so that customers often fall asleep tucked in peace and pleasantness of the space – says hairdresser Dragutin Markovic. – I really like Jelena’s ideas and philosophy that accompanies the hairstyles according to Feng Shui.fengShuiFrizure
Final touch in this story belongs to the skillful hands of Dragutin Markovic, whose responsibility is great, and the joy of creating immeasurable. Color, texture, tinting, shape, volume, are just some of the elements on which Dragutin while working extremely has to take care.
First hairstyle that this tandem presents to the public has an element of Fire. It belongs to the avant-garde hairstyle and fantasy and shows extreme and complete freedom of our creations. Of course, there are wearable hairstyles (commercial) that are tailored to the everyday needs and that can be maintained outside the hair salon. These will be discussed in future articles.

Photo: V. Došen
Model: Dejana Mrgić

Jelena Dejanovska, PhD has been committed for years to studying space, energy and energy harmonizing. Since 2004 she has been working on space arrangement,  interior design and  balancing energies in space in accordance with Feng Shui principles. By combining knowledge about 3D space, movement of energies and their effects, she continued her research and in 2013. she finished her doctoral dissertation regarding these topics at the University of Arts, Department of Digital Arts. Currently she works as a scientist – researcher at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.
“The Energy Triangle” is the title of Jelena’s doctoral paper and art work where she  analyzed and explained the concepts and methods of harmonizing energies in the human organism with the help of the digital, animated installation ( The paper was created through the analysis of various esoteric concepts while giving special attention to the ancient Indian concept of Kundalini Tantra.

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