How do the people with the longest life expectancy in the world live?


A professor, author and expert in alternative medicine, Maja Volk, describes herself as a cancer survivor and she says that after changing her life habits and dieting, and by self-improvement she will be able to live for at least 130 years.
She wants to travel to various destinations all over the world, including the Greek island of Ikaria.
“The healthiest and people with the longest life expectancy in the world live on the Greek island of Ikaria. After researching their lives for two years, teams of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists have come to numerous insights when it comes to their habits” – Maja says. – “Ikarians eat a bit of fish, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and they almost never eat meat. They brew around 150 different types of herbal tea. They don’t own watches, and they show great tolerance to people being late, which definitely increases their life span. They are stress-free and not burdened by ‘have tos’, they manage to do everything they were supposed to, but they are never in a hurry.
The afternoon nap prolongs life expectancy by up to 30%, so the entire island takes a collective nap during the afternoon. That’s the time when not a single store is open. Some take naps while standing up, some in their chairs. Their social lives are very rich, and they remain sexually active until the age of one hundred. Family is deeply important to them, their social networks are real, and they are very attached to their land” – nobody leaves Ikaria.
The people of Ikaria drink goat’s milk on a daily basis.
“I’ve been thinking about introducing a bit of goat’s cheese in my diet, I guess the Ikarians know what they are doing” – Maja adds.
“They eat a lot of red potatoes – sweet potatoes, just like all the nations that have long life expectancy such as the inhabitants of Costa Rica, Sardinia and Peru. Sweet potatoes can be consumed either raw or briefly cooked and then grated. Regular potatoes aren’t even consumed by the livestock in South America anymore. Sweet potatoes are packed with protein; they are very filling, and can replace meat or wheat in dieting. 50% of Japanese nutrition consists of sweet potatoes, and the Japanese are the second longest-lived people on the Earth. ”

Photo: Jelena Vlatković

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