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Household items you should get rid of and why

Cactus brings on quarrel, broken dishes bring on poverty

Our homes are full of broken and malfunctioning items, small things which are no longer in use but their owners keep them for various reasons: they remind them of something, they believe that they may need them one day, or simply feel sorry to throw them away. Feng Shui expert Sandra Drinčić says that such way of thinking is wrong, and that presence of some items in our home can seriously distort the flow of energy and bring discomfort.

– A clock which is not working should not be kept in the apartment because it stops time and creates stagnation in home, according to metaphysical systems. Chipped vase must not be kept in home because incomplete things create equally incomplete energy. I’ve met families that wouldn’t throw away their chipped Chinese vases while constantly experiencing problems. What is broken stays broken, and there is no repair. Also, it is not good to have sculptures with limbs missing in one’s apartment.

Sandra Drinčić says that the energy of the occupants, their health and other aspects of life are all reflected in the items around the house.
– Broken dishes we still use attract poverty. Cactuses should not be used in home, but if you do have them they should be placed in front of the main entrance. One should not enter a home with spikes. Their ‘poison arrows’ create conflict and nervousness among occupants. Old calendars also have no use, they ‘bind’ old problems to the home and keep the old always present. Dried flowers should never be kept in home because they represent dying beauty. Artificial flowers such as orchids made of textile which can be showered from time to time, can be used instead of dried flowers, Sandra Drinčić says.

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