Flour and sugar free life is happier and healthier (Daniela Boracheva)

She is one of us, a modern woman who lives fast, has little time for herself, many obligations, a teenage daughter at home, a husband and a cat, and keeps in the fridge only what she herself buys. That is probably the secret of her perfect figure, youthful look, fantastic energy and a broad smile. Guided by the idea that one is what one eats, Daniela Boračeva, editor and presenter of the show ‘Desetka’ demonstrated the truth of this saying to herself and others a long time ago. She has also showed that she knows her way around the kitchen when preparing very delicious and healthy meals. Her recipes are shared, copied, and have many comments on social networks, and you will have them soon all in one place: in BGonline where Daniela will show us how to prepare in no time all those savoury and sweet delicious meals used to create order and discipline in nutrition even among the pickiest of hedonists.

People live faster than ever, doing everything in an instant, hastily, and for them, preparing healthy meals is associated with a lot of time spent shopping, preparing food, expensive ingredients and complications. Daniela, who has become a master in the subject, claims that ignorance is at the root of these prejudices, clarifying and helping us to familiarise ourselves with the truth of the matter.
– I am a person who lives in the fast lane, just like all those people living in big cities. My every day is busy and I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. All my recipes are healthy, meaning that they contain no white flour or sugar as ingredients, they are simple to prepare, and do not require special culinary skills, or expensive food. Everything I use to prepare savoury and sweet meals can be bought in health food stores and at green markets and costs less than one kilo of minced meat – Daniela says.
She doesn’t eat meat, noting that she is not vegetarian or vegan, but simply doesn’t like the taste of meat, although she prepares it for her husband and daughter. Of course, she does it in her own way without frying (with or without breadcrumbs).
– I eat fish and seafood instead of meat, and I always draw people’s attention to the high content of emulsifiers and various chemicals contained in cured meat products. My definition is that proper and healthy diet is one in which we replace food harmful to our organism (of no nutritional value) with more useful food, therefore I do not consume white flour and white refined sugar. There are a lot of healthy replacements which are not more expensive and are easy to find in health food stores, notes Daniela and adds that she is herself a big hedonist and that she would never eat tasteless food just because it’s low in calories. This was one of the reasons to engage in developing recipes which are in line with her high standards regarding taste and at the same time do not contribute to weight gain.

– Long time ago, my nutritionist taught me what a healthy and balanced diet is, so I comply with dietary prescriptions regarding the types of food usually consumed in the morning and later during the day, as well as right periods between meals. I have also learned that we do not have regular meals, our organism gets into a ‘state of shock’ and deposits fat. Of course, the amount of food is also important. Many people think that healthy food can be consumed in unlimited quantities and that they will not gain weight, which is not true of course.
Daniela is often asked if she eats anything at all because she is extremely slim and good-looking, and she reveals with a smile that she has as much as five meals per day which are above all well-balanced.
– I never combine proteins and starches, and I never eat carbohydrates in the second half of the day – these are some of the rules I observe. I am a hedonist, I enjoy nice things, good wine and high-quality food. I would never eat something tasteless.
Daniela’s family members also eat properly – since starting with her diet, her husband has lost 11 kg in six months while never being hungry. On the contrary, he enjoyed Daniela’s specialties.
– The way you serve what you prepare is important to men, and I seek beauty in everything. I think that one has to have style, in serving food too – Daniela says with a smile. In the forthcoming weeks, she will reveal her most popular recipes to us, one of them being her famous gibanica which will not make you gain weight.
– You can prepare that gibanica using simple food, oatmeal, eggs, yoghurt and cheese. I use a lot of spices which give additional taste and smell. I would never eat oatmeal with yoghurt, but they taste great when prepared this way.
When it comes to food preparing and new recipes, she is inspired every day and it is never hard for her to experiment in kitchen. She enjoys watching Jamie Oliver’s shows and ‘24h Kitchen’ channel. She adores sweets and makes cakes, healthy pancakes with great joy. Her ‘weak spot’ is pastry. She uses olive oil and a lot of coconut oil when cooking, noting that coconut oil is her choice because it is not harmful when heated.
– When I bake my healthy pancakes, I do it using just a drop of oil. I use cocoa butter when making some cakes, it is very healthy, and sometimes I use avocado oil.

If we got to spend a day with Daniela, she says that she would first prepare protein pancakes with peanut butter, honey or cream cheese for breakfast.
– Pancakes are made with eggs, oatmeal, and coconut flour. 3.5 hours after breakfast, I have a fruit snack, and 3-4 hours afterwards a lunch – usually some fish, salad and vegetables. For an afternoon snack, I have a handful of almonds or hazelnuts, and for dinner I eat Greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of coconut protein and flaxseed. Such a regime is heavy for ‘normal people’, so I would prepare a protein meal (boiled eggs or sunny-side-up eggs, fried on coconut oil) with salad or chicken with salad for my guests.
For the past year, Daniela Boračeva has become an Instagram star thanks to numerous recipes shared with her followers.
– Many people send me photos of my popular recipes for protein breads, fake gibanica, healthy cakes, and it makes me especially happy when women say that their whole family embraced it. I was very touched by a message of one young man undergoing cancer treatment and writing to say that he supported himself on his own because his mother had died and that his results improved since he started preparing meals using my recipes. At the same time, I feel great responsibility and joy. I am not a dietician or nutritionist, but I can see from people’s reactions that what I do is good. It is an excuse and a misconception to say that there is no time to cook. It takes half of the time to prepare my gibanica than the gourmet one. Time cannot and must not be an excuse for anyone.
Daniela’s Tiramisu cake is also very popular, her husband adores it, and she says that once she let him eat the entire pan of Tiramisu cake.
– The only rule regarding healthy sweets is not to eat them in the evening. My favourite cake is ‘Tres leches’ and I enjoy it once a month when I break my rules. One should not be a person of extremes, but find a measure in everything, Daniela admits honestly.
She says that this kind of diet has brought her a lot. Now, she has more energy than when she was twice younger, and she feels a lot better than before.
– The healthier the food which we give to our body, the healthier we are. When I started paying attention to what I eat, I admit that I was doing it at the time because I was concerned with my looks as I wanted to keep the figure I used to have when I was a model. But, with time, health became the most important motive. In my twenties, I could eat anything and would not gain any weight, but this changes with years. I have tried various types of diet, even the starvation diet which is popular these days, after which I was exhausted and without energy. When I’m asked about the name of the diet trend I follow, I say: “I’m not chrono, I’m not keto, I’m neither paleo, I am – me.”

Branka Gajić
Photo by: Dario Konstantinović
Styling: @centarzarazvojmodneindustrije
Make-up: @profensionalnosminkanjegaga
Location: Hotel Hayatt/ Metropolitan Grill Restoran

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