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Feng Shui, Space Arrangement and Energy Harmonizing


“If energies in space are unorganized and confused it is very probable that the same adjectives will characterize the quality of your life. On the contrary, by living surrounded with balanced energies we create for ourselves preconditions for the same kind of life.” ( Jelena Dejanovska, Ph.D.)

When the moment comes to create a home for ourselves or to arrange our business space, most of us decide to ask experts for advice, wanting to design place full of harmony, warmth and positive energy, where we can spend happy moments joyfully or develop our business successfully. During the last few years, more often than before, people here, consult Feng Shui experts not only architects and designers.  Jelena Dejanovska, PhD in Arts, is one of them. Among other things, she designs interior arranging the space in accordance with the Chi energy and  she is engaged in energy balancing and harmonising, and her education, experience and numerous references prove best  her expertise in the fields she studies and  she is dedicated to in her professional life.
What is Feng Shui and what is the task of a Feng Shui expert?
-Let us start with the question: what is Feng Shui? It is an ancient art, but at the same time it is a scientific system developed in China thousands of years ago which refers to space arrangement and energy balance in space with the purpose to create balance and harmony as preconditions for a healthy and quality life – explains Jelena Dejanovska.- It is well known that the servants  of the old Chinese emperors had the assignment to go hunting dragons, which in fact meant they searched for the places with positive energy which possessed affection and kindness for the emperor and people. Those places were called ‘dragons’, the space where beneficial Qi was gathered, Sheng Qi. On the other hand, they located places with negative energies and called them ‘traps’. Those were the places where Qi energy could hardly be reached or where it moved too fast. The term Qi (chi) is well known and appears in numerous esoteric systems and traditions, from Feng Shui, Taoism and acupuncture, to Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Most of them consider Qi to be a form of energy, but some describe it as the ‘breath of the Universe’. Qi is significant as an influence of the surrounding on people and on the quality of their life.
According to Feng Shui, how can certain energetic structures of space influence the energetic structure of people living there?
-The universal energy of Qi can be expressed through space, matter, movement and the energy on the physical level, but it can also be through a man. We can conclude from this that Qi surrounding has a direct influence on the physical existence of people. Feng Shui is a science about the movement and changes of the Qi. By applying the principle of this science, and by channeling and directing Qi we can form an optimal relation between energy and matter (movement and stability) with the purpose of creating a pleasant, positive and safe surrounding where we live in.

What is the task of a Feng Shui expert?
-To help and give advice in organizing specific interiors. If the space is already arranged, certain smaller, but also important corrections can be suggested.
In the case of the whole space planning Feng Shui can be of help in finding the optimal location and in defining the quality of the energy where we will reside. With this, we are in a position to specify the most beneficial functions for specific spaces/interiors. In other words, in the case of living space, the most important is to know  which room suits best to  which  member of the household, where to locate the bathroom, where to put away things we rarely use, where to make a closet or a storage place, where and how to position the bed or a work desk. With this, the problem of dividing rooms and arranging space is resolved, but also, we gain solutions which, when completed, will radiate with harmony and balance. When energies in space are unorganized and confused it is very probable that the same adjectives will soon characterize the quality of our life. On the contrary, by living surrounded with balanced energies we create for ourselves preconditions for the same kind of life.
What is the most important thing to pay attention to when you arrange space/design interior?
–I think it is very important for our solutions to be balanced with our cultural code, whenever the clients show the openness for that. From my experience, the best results, especially in the aesthetical sense, proved to happen when the spirit and the tradition of the given space had been respected –  Jelena Dejanovska notices. –Another very important task of the Feng Shui expert is to form an open and honest relationship with his/her clients and to come up with optimal solutions using creative empathy without forcing ideas – because the ultimate beauty of Feng Shui is in the infinite number of potential creative applications. And then, when we finally sit in our favorite chair and look upon what we did, we will realize that good Feng Shui is not seen but felt.

Jelena Dejanovska

Jelena Dejanovska, PhD has been committed for years to studying space, energy and energy harmonizing. Since 2004 she has been working on space arrangement,  interior design and  balancing energies in space in accordance with Feng Shui principles. By combining knowledge about 3D space, movement of energies and their effects, she continued her research and in 2013. she finished her doctoral dissertation regarding these topics at the University of Arts, Department of Digital Arts. Currently she works as a scientist – researcher at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.
“The Energy Triangle” is the title of Jelena’s doctoral paper and art work where she  analyzed and explained the concepts and methods of harmonizing energies in the human organism with the help of the digital, animated installation (https://fliiby.com/file/6m2k0e7x9bc). The paper was created through the analysis of various esoteric concepts while giving special attention to the ancient Indian concept of Kundalini Tantra.

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