How hairstyle looks when it is in line with our energy and personality? (D.A. Jelena Dejanovska and Dragutin Marković)

Every hairstyle is challenge of its own, so each time when she is looking for a new solution D.A. Jelena Dejanovska feels a special excitement.
– That is actually what attracts me, the fact that each next hairstyle will be a new creation, different from all previous ones – says the creator of these designs and excellent connoisseur of energy and adds that such a hairstyle is designed to follow the character and energy of the particular person.

This time D.A. Jelena Dejanovska and hairdresser Dragutin Markovic exemplify hairstyle according to Feng Shui which represents one of the five elements of Feng Shui, the Water element.
-In this case the selected base is black hair that describes the Water element. Form is asymmetric. The wavy and curved forms are dominate, while white decorations accentuate Metal element that supports and strengthens the Water element – explains Dejanovska.

This hairstyle is designed as an example that especially expresses Water element, with a little support of Metal element. Will this kind of hairstyle energy fit someone depends on the energy potential of person, needs and desires, but also opportunities. Of course, before creating a hairstyle, it is always important to consider the occasion, whether it comes to the ceremony, wedding, business lunch, or it is a wearable hairstyle,… Answers to these questions we can get by calculations and consultations.

Contact D.A. Jelena Dejanovska
mob. 00381 64 1214965
Contact hairdressers Dragutin Markovic
mob. 00381 62 8185287
DM’s Hairlounge is where Dragutin Markovic brings Dejanovska’s ideas to perfection. In his practice he masterfully creates everything that clients visualize so they are comming with great confidence in him.

Model: Gabrijela Parigros
D.A. Jelena Dejanovska and Dragutin Markovic / Photo: Vojislav Dosen

Jelena Dejanovska, PhD has been committed for years to studying space, energy and energy harmonizing. Since 2004 she has been working on space arrangement,  interior design and  balancing energies in space in accordance with Feng Shui principles. By combining knowledge about 3D space, movement of energies and their effects, she continued her research and in 2013. she finished her doctoral dissertation regarding these topics at the University of Arts, Department of Digital Arts. Currently she works as a scientist – researcher at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.
“The Energy Triangle” is the title of Jelena’s doctoral paper and art work where she  analyzed and explained the concepts and methods of harmonizing energies in the human organism with the help of the digital, animated installation ( The paper was created through the analysis of various esoteric concepts while giving special attention to the ancient Indian concept of Kundalini Tantra.

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