Do you eat out of hunger or out of stress? (Georgij Nazarov)

He practices what he preaches. He is on the very diet he recommends others, he sleeps out in the open for most of the year, he starts his days with contrast showers, he walks or cycles wherever and whenever he can, and he has circled the globe several times, visiting the nationalities with the longest life expectancy in search of the secret behind a long and healthy life. Georgij Nazarov says that all of them have inner peace and stability, are physically active and uphold a set of values which influence their nutrition, mainly consisting of raw foods.

– Long ago, the nations of former Yugoslavia had the lowest rate of cardiovascular diseases, while sadly, today this has changed drastically. People used to eat less, were more active and had more time to socialize, – Georgij Nazarov reminisces, – It is very important to have a purpose in life, to rejoice and aspire to something. Studies have shown that those who graduate from college live 7 years longer than those who don’t, and I would like to add that we live longer when we have something to strive towards.  When a man retires he is often at a loose end. Unless he finds some direction or something fulfilling, he most often falls ill and loses sight of who he is.
This renowned naturologist claims that proper nutrition and good habits can help overcome nearly all health related issues.
– It is also necessary to ask ourselves how far we have strayed from our true nature, how we plan and use our time, whether we eat out of hunger or out of stress, why we have snacks between meals, why we develop problems of the heart, blood vessels and joints, and why our lives are becoming increasingly stressful. The impotence in young people has also become an ever-growing issue, and so is the number of people with cancer and heart problems, whereas marriages are less and less likely to prevail. All this points to the horrible fact that we have drifted from our true selves.
Where lies the fault of the modern man?
– The most prominent sensation of the modern man is discontent. We always lack free time, our social lives are withering, we don’t see the sun for days and shop in supermarkets rather than the green market. We spend hours on end staring at a screen, cannot function without cars, run errands frantically and eat out of stress, not to mention eating pale imitations of actual food and destroying our digestive systems by eating between meals. There is a way to change this and anyone willing to take the first step will undoubtedly succeed – says Georgij Nazarov.
Many who have had the chance to meet this man who possesses great knowledge on many alternative methods speak very highly of him and the unusual serenity with which he tackles every issue. This kind of approach instills in them an even greater hope that all will be well.
– A fifty-year-old woman came to me in a rather desperate state. At 186 kilograms, she could barely move.  She decided to gradually change her ways and now, with 86 kilograms less she is preparing for a 12-kilometer-long walking tour through Deliblato Sands in Serbia. Another one of my clients was hit by a motorbike and ended up with a broken knee, after which her leg was surgically shortened. She was in terrible pain and gained weight, which further worsened her condition. When she came to me, her leg was almost entirely bruised and half its normal width. Many have cried watching her walk. For a period of time we focused on improving her habits which made her walking aids redundant, and three weeks later I told her that she would walk before the start of my seminar at the Zlatibor mountain and I was right. Her leg regained color, she walked without a cane and had a slight limp. She is capable of running and has lost 20 kilograms having made a great deal of effort. It is important to take action. Everyone has their own internal source of motivation but it is not without its limits. It all starts with the decision and desire to make a change, – adds Georgij Nazarov.

Foto: Ema Bednarž

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