Breathing as a treatment”Non-negotiable Health” of Georgi Nazarov

People can survive without water for several days, without food for a few weeks but just a couple of minutes without air. On average, a person breathes in 16 times per minute. Our bodies can function without air only for a few minutes before irreversible changes occur in the brain-as naturologist Georgij Nazarov states in his book ‘’Non-negotiable Health adding that we can improve our overall health by breathing properly through the diaphragm.
In the book ‘’Non-negotiable Health“ Georgi Nazarov described in detail the technique of breathing through the diaphragm and how we can help our internal organs improve blood intake, which provides them with nutrients and oxygen. This exercise ensures simultaneous release of toxic substances and carbon dioxide through blood and respiratory organs. .
’’Non-negotiable Health “is an amazing guidebook for all those who wish to get rid of a few extra pounds, constant tension, back pain, unstable blood pressure, or slow the ageing process etc. Georgi Nazarov’s advice has helped many change their lives for the better, as they learned how to manage their energy, revealed their own hidden potential, and become healthier and happier.

Foto: Ema Bednarž

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