American pancakes that do not cause you to gain weight

Pancake lovers, get ready! Your time has come. Today, we are making pancakes you can eat with no guilty conscience, even those of you who take great care of what you eat. Rice flour contains many important amino acids, and it is gluten-free, so those of you intolerant to gluten can still enjoy your favorite pancakes.
This is a great option since these pancakes are low-calorie and do not cause you to gain weight.

2 eggs
200 gr sour milk (yoghurt)
½ mug of whole grain rice flour
A pinch of baking soda, a few drops of vanilla extract
Coconut oil

Mix eggs and sour milk, add other ingredients and bake the pancakes on a drop of coconut oil.
I’ll also share with you my favorite filling for these pancakes, the famous “red filling”. You need half a box of frozen red fruit, a small spoon of corn starch, 80 gr. of sugar-free dark chocolate, and a spoon of honey. Boil the fruit slightly in a pot. Add a spoon of corn starch and stir briefly. Finally, add crushed dark chocolate and mix until it melts. When you take it off the stove, add some honey in case you used sugar free chocolate.
You can always treat yourself and your family with these low calorie pancakes for breakfast.

Daniela Boracheva
Photo by Dario Konstantinović
Styling: @centarzarazvojmodneindustrije
Make-up: @profensionalnosminkanjegaga
Location: Hotel Hayatt/ Metropolitan Grill Restoran

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