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Swelling, hematoma, pain and inflammation – these very uncomfortable conditions shall withdraw quickly when the Active Hydrogen Professional Gel that is primarily designed for professional athletes and people taking vigorous/strenuous exercise, physical strain during training, but is also suitable for anyone whose health is affected by the fast-paced life, too much sitting or standing as well as various types of injuries. It is warmly recommended for treatment of acute and chronic pains or more serious injuries in the early stages.

The gel’s most important ingredient is hydrogen, the smallest molecule and the oldest natural element which has proven itself incredibly powerful!
Hundreds of scientific studies and clinical research conducted worldwide have unquestionably shown that molecular hydrogen is the strongest natural antioxidant, the only one to target and eliminate harmful free radicals from the organism. Excretion of lactic acid causes numerous ailments, especially for people undergoing o physical strain. If the gel is applied before taking exercise, it will reduce the amount of lactic acid in the muscle sand completely dissolve it eventually. Active Hydrogen Professional Gel is completely natural, with no side effects nor the possibility to overdose, so children may also use it. It is the perfect choice for all kinds of hematoma, swelling, pain, discus hernia, muscle and tendon inflammation, injuries… Unlike most other gels and creams that only heal the surface, this gel penetrates as deep as 5 cm into the skin, as the diagnostic ultrasound scanning has confirmed. It has an immediate cooling effect, which quickly reduces the temperature att he inflamed spot ,and the swelling and also neutralizes pain over a longer period of time.

For a waiter and a skier alike

This gel is recommended to people who exercise vigorously as well as those whose knees and joints sustain a lot of pressure due to prolonged standing, such as waiters, hairdressers, pregnant women or people with varicose veins Skiers often use this gel before heading for the track or after skiing,as it can prevent injury and muscle inflammation.

Customers and experts recommend the gel

All those who occasionally do sports, spend a lot of time in standing position or experience back, shoulder and muscle pain due to stress and excretion of lactic acid will be delighted with this gel. This is the case with one of the regional pioneers in physiotherapy, the renowned special educator and physiotherapist Milutin Garić. He has been using the Active Hydrogen Professional Gel in his treatments for the past two years and highly recommends the product.
-This fast-acting gel can treat a wide spectrum of issues,such as acute conditions , distortion, soft tissue damage, as well as ligament strain, joint dislocation, swelling, hematoma, bruising and capillary bleeding – says Milutin Garić. – Thanks to this gel, pain and swelling withdraw quickly, while ache caused by rheuma and degenerative changes in the spine are effectively alleviated. Patients also tend to quickly recover from and acute conditions even if atrophic changes in joints and knees and inflammation are already present. .
Physiotherapist Milutin Garić uses this gel in daily practice and also recommends use at home.
-Being water-based the gel is used as a substratein therapy,and it is massagedonto the problematic area. As children who can also use the gel are prone to injuries more than adults, and as it can be used to treat pain, bruises, hematoma and acute conditions , it comes in handy if one has got it at home.. The water-based solution stimulatesproduction of collagen and tonesthe muscles and skin which makes it extremely useful.
-Athletes can use the gel in treatment, but also for prevention. It is a great choice for massage of weary muscles or to relieve spasm. The gel helps athletes rest and prepare for physical strain and competition more efficiently – explains Garić.
Many professional athletes are truly pleased with this gel as it makes recovery easier and simpler. One of satisfied customers is Siniša Kotur, a coach, a professional wrestler and an MMA fighter who used to have issues with chronic inflammation of back and neck muscles.
– I’d rub my neck and back three times a day. After first application, it hurt less, but the next day my reaction was a bit stronger as the gel had started breaking up the lactic acid build-up. This helped muscles get more oxygen and improved blood circulation. After one week I could feel more mobility in the neck although I had previously been unable to achieve this with any other product or physical therapy; it is known that we wrestlers, suffer a lot of pressure and strain to and after 28 years in wrestling this had become chronic for me. I am fully satisfied with the gel, it facilitates training I recover faster, and above all it has helped me extend my competitive career which was in jeopardy due to medical issues. I recommend the Active Hydrogen Professional Gel to anyone, even those who aren’t athletes. If it has helped a professional athlete such as me, who was suffering from chronic inflammation of the back and neck as a result of several decades of torture and having to carry up to 200kg during preparations, then you have nothing to lose – claims Siniša Kotur.

Given its fantastic, immediate relief to inflamed muscles, swelling, pain, injuries, bruising and hematoma, this gel can most certainly improve the quality of life of people, children and athletes of today.

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