A no-bake cake without sugar, flour, and milk (the recipe)

Preparing this cake which contains no harmful ingredients and can be called a healthy threat will not leave you with a heap of dishes to wash them. On the contrary, you will only use the blender – your best friend when it comes to this recipe. 

(for the crust):

100 g dates
100 g figs
80 g hazelnuts
50 g cranberries
Two large spoons of coconut oil

The first layer:
140 g frozen mixed red fruit
20 g almonds
Two spoons of honey
Two spoons of water

The second layer:
Two bananas
Three spoons of cocoa powder
Two spoons of honey
30 g hazelnuts
Two spoons of water (if needed )

Blend all the ingredients for the crust and put it in 24cm cake mould.
To make the first layer also blend all the ingredients. Put the mixture on top of the crust and let cool in the fridge for thirty minutes.
Blend the listed ingredients for the second layer and put it over the first.
Let the cake set in the freezer for at least 4 hours. Ten minutes before serving, take the cake out of the freezer and cut using a hot knife.

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