A road to success – Is having a wish list all that you need? (Lidija Marković Rosati)

End of January and beginning of February are usually reserved for gathering strength and working out ways to figure out what next…Hence, more and more people are writing and asking for advice. They are eager to hear what we have to say and recommend, when it comes to staying on the right track, so that the long list of New Year’s resolutions doesn’t end up where all the previous ones have – on the next year’s list.

And given that some of them cultivate the ambition to become trainers/coaches, they are curious to know what it is like to be an international NLP trainer. Those people, who are interested in NLP and Coaching and want to make it their career are often fascinated by the lifestyle NLP and Coaching give you. And for us, this lifestyle is indeed dynamic.

Over the period of the last twelve months we have travelled to, and taught people NLP in a multitude of different locations: Belgrade, Nis, Brussels, London, Stockholm, New York. And we are happy to report that as of 2016, we have added Hong Kong to this list.

We already look forward to adding new cities to this list. Via our work, we enjoy the privilege of meeting brilliant people, EU functionaries, diplomats, psychologists, doctors, artists, musicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs. But more than their titles it is often who they are as people, that touches us.

And probably the greatest privilege is that we get to witness the transformation people go through as a result of working with us.

We help them bring structure to their talents, overcome the blocks that have been hindering them from living fully, uncover their true strengths, and to be to be directly involved in the realisation of their dreams – be it finding the ideal match, or the job that is just made for them, or simply leaning to communicate more effectively.

Waking up every day, knowing that you contributed to someone else’s dream is priceless!

You see, when westarted learning NLP, we knew we were in for an amazing ride, but not in a million years did we think that it would be this awesome!

From the outset, we knew that we didn’t want to be just another NLP trainer and Coach. We wanted to be a game changer. We wanted to give and contribute to the field and not just take, we were not interested in just finishing the course and getting a certificate that we could plaster on the wall. Don’t get us wrong –  we like certificates, but we appreciate and value commitment more than the actual certificate.

We were committed to building our toolbox so that we would have all that we needed and more.

To illustrate with an example. I, Lidija – 11 years later, 11 Tony Robbins seminars later, approximately ten thousand of hours of deep inner work later, and having attended many seminars with one of the co-founders of NLP I now get to call myself International NLP Trainer.

But really being an International NLP Trainer is about much more than just investing the time, the energy and the money it takes to learn from the elite. One has to really apply NLP in one’s own life.

Because only when you live, breathe and fully embody the learnings, techniques and processes, only when they become an integrated part of your everyday life, of your very being, can you know them to a level where you are really capable of teaching them.

The difference that makes the difference, here as in so many other areas, is in the approach, attitude and in intention.

When you have set a clear intention you can allow your greater mind, your unconscious mind, your Soul, to guide you to achieve what you intend. You simply listen to and follow your own internal guidance system. Your own inner GPS.

For me it has always been important to teach what I truly know. What I have fully integrated into my experience and way of being.

How some people claim to teach what they themselves barely have a theoretical understanding of, is beyond me. Life isn’t based on theory.

It is very unfortunate that a lot of the people who are interested in becoming NLP Trainers and Coaches are just driven by the money and attracted by the lifestyle it offers. This, of course, explains the varying quality within the field. These trainers are often driven by a scarcity mindset, but wanting to change one’s current situation doesn’t make one into a competent trainer.

In order to create a real transformation, one has to go deep. When you change your innermost motives, when you check and know that your intention is congruent, when you change from the inside out – then changes in your current situation will follow as a result of that deep inner change.

And this inner work, the work you do with yourself, will make it possible for you to intimately know the method. And this will make you a better trainer and coach.

This is something that simply doesn’t happen as a result of reading books, blogs and watching online videos. To really learn NLP requires that you immerse yourself – that you experience it, like in a real life seminar.

It is not enough to read about it, to think about it, to talk about it. You have to experience it, to live it, to be it – with every fibre of your soul.

In order to get to where we are now, we committed to attend as many seminars and workshops as we possibly could. But not just any – we took our time to find the real masters – and it was their trainings we attended!

Not ‘masters’ that entertain masses, but real masters, masters that you don’t come across easily, masters where it’s not just enough to show up and play on the surface, but real masters, master you require of you to commit. To dig dip.

I travelled to Kyoto, Japan to learn Zen Buddhist meditation, I went all the way to California to do Vipassana (silent retreat), I looked for the teachers that walk their talk, I invested my time and resources in learning from the best.

And that is why we are where we are today. Travelling around the world delivering trainings and workshops. And we enjoy every single minute of it, and are grateful for every aha moment that we see in our clients.

When you truly want and desire something it isn’t enough to just be interested. You need to be prepared to make sacrifices, to create a different daily discipline, to say NO to certain habits. You must devote yourself to yourself, to make yourself the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. To make your life into a masterpiece.

You need to be prepared to really invest in yourself, to really transform yourself. To be the example of what is possible.

Only then will you become the sought after trainer and coach. Your strength and expertise will be reflected, among others, in the lifestyle you lead, the countries you visit to deliver training seminars.

And this is also where your experience starts to take on a momentum of its own. By working with different nationalities, and by getting to know and experience different cultures we have trained ourselves to be flexible, we have widened our map, so that we can understand our clients journeys better.

And this understanding contributes to making the changes, and indeed transformations, that my clients go through possible.

We are proud to say that Momentum Strategies Coaching is the only school in Serbia that carries the accreditation of the International Trainers Academy (ITA), and I, Lidija, the first and only trainers of the New Code NLP in Serbia.

But the real reward, what really drives us, are the deep transformations our clients tell us about. How they are no longer blocked from living the life they want. How they rapidly achieve the goals they had a chat about with me. Or how they find deep self-love and self-appreciation – leading to a change from the inside out.

This is what makes what we do worth doing.

P.S. If one of your desires is to become an International NLP Trainer, come join us for our upcoming NLP trainings in Brussels (Accelerated NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner – May and June 2017, plus an additional NLP for Kids – Weekend Training June 2017) where we will share with you all that has and that continues to give results to us and our clients, so that we can live our dreams, while evolving into the best version of ourselves.

These trainings will be extra special, as I’ll be going in depth and sharing with you some of the processes from our Momentum MethodTM, that will be available on our online programme later this year.

Momentum MethodTM – holistically inspired, mindfully created and aligned with your highest intentions.

If you are curious and committed, drop us an email on:

Sending oceans of love,

Lidija & Thomas

Photo: Jelena Vlatković
Place of the interview: Hotel Falkensteiner

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