My love story (Nik Vujičić for BGonline)

If you are not happy when you are alone, you will not be happy when you are next to someone.

World’s most famous motivational speaker, born with a rare disorder (tetra-amelia syndrome), has not only managed to help himself but also millions of people around the world to find strength and inspiration, face their problems and overcome them. Convinced that limits do not exist Nik Vujicic learned how to use the computer keyboard with his left foot, play football, surf, ride a skateboard, throw tennis balls, answer the phone, shave himself, pour a glass of water and now considers these things to be his small and big victories. Of course it wasn’t easy for him. Nik doesn’t hide that he suffered from depression as a boy, and that he managed to overcome it with the love and support of his family, but also by growing as a person. He got a degree in accounting and financial planning, after which he started to give motivational speeches all over the world, focusing on the problems that teenagers face. During one of them in Dallas, he met his current wife Kane. They got married in Sent Barbara, and he proposed her by putting the ring in his donut. After he ate the donut, he used his teeth to place the ring on Kane’s finger and asked her to be his wife.

Good and bad days

The first thing that you have to come to terms with is that throughout life you are going to have good and bad days – are the words of Nik Vujicic with which he started one of his motivational lectures during his tour through Serbia, when he made an effort to use his positive energy and personal example in order to encourage all those who are in need of support on their path of personal development.
– You will always be in a position to learn something new about yourself and life, but this will happen much more often during those bad days and it will help you to build and strengthen your character – said Nik.
– If you can tell yourself “be patient” don’t ever complain about standing in line. You will never become patient until you are put in a place where you need to wait. It is like saying “I’m going to the gym”, and then you come in, do a couple of exercises and you walk out. You should march in there, really put an effort and regularly work hard on the muscles you wish to develop.- Although he has been without his legs and arms since the days he was born, Nik proudly states that he is a very strong man.
– And I owe my strength to those difficult days. The truth is that if you hadn’t passed through the things that you have; you wouldn’t be the person you are today. You might have arms and legs, but if you don’t know these three things: who you actually are, how much you’re worth and what is your purpose in this life, you are far more of a handicap than I am- is his message to the world.vujcic

Love is everywhere

During the interview for BGonline Nik revealed that he didn’t have much luck when it comes to love in his younger days, one of the reasons being that many girls rejected him, he was also convinced that he will never have a stable relationship and family life just before he met Kane.
-Nobody is perfect, and I simply try to be the best version of myself. Be grateful for what you have, and if you don’t have a friend, try being someone else’s friend. I never believed that I was going to have a wife or a family, but then all this that happened with Kane was love at first sight. I didn’t think that I was going to find love, let alone have a wife in my life, being fully aware of my shortcomings. But love is much more than we think of it, more than trust and intimacy. I want everyone to know that love is everywhere and that they can have it. At the moment when I wanted Kane to be my wife I lost everything. I didn’t have money; I wasn’t in a good position etc. I felt bad because of those things and I told her about them, but she said that she will never leave me, that she will work for both of us, take care of me and be the mother of our children. What I’m trying to say is that I was happy being single, but that I also had the courage to meet people. I was happy even when I was alone, and if you are not happy then, you will not be happy even when you get married.

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