Love is…where you are!

Last night I had a very interesting chat with a dear friend, about love and relationships.

Love has been and still is a big hot juicy topic. We all want it, yet very few of us recognize it and get it in this lifetime.
And it isn’t because there isn’t much of it around, it is because our belief about what love is and should be, has been distorted, twisted, manipulated, conditioned.

Love is independent of deservingness.

We had to work for love, perform for love, get good grades for love…And in the process we detached ourselves from the Source. From Love.

Spend some time in this awareness…When was the last time you felt love and you felt loved…and that it didn’t come with a price tag, condition, counter favour, expectations? When was the last time you experienced it in every pore of your being, just because of who you are! Just because you exist, just because you are here on this planet.

When you didn’t have to do anything, please anyone, get anyone’s approval?! When you didn’t have to convince yourself with the latest new age craze of repeating to yourself that you are loved and deserving, but actually felt it with every fibre of your being.

You see, the moment we start convincing ourselves, uttering gazillions of positive affirmations, we set ourselves for failure. We raise the vibration of non-deserving and lower the vibration of deserving, of love.

lidijaMomentumLove is simple. There is no need to put conditions and barriers around it. And it has never left. Love is always here, always available…But often we are not emotionally available to recognize it, to embrace it!

Love requires no effort, it requires us, remembering who we are. Imagine what life would be like if we lived our lives with this awareness, awareness of pure love. Imagine that all that we had to work for, cry about, fight for, became available, sans fight…Bathe in this awareness and enjoy the huge amount of spacious energy that becomes liberated and available. What could you do with it?

Hands on heart, how often do you do love? And I don’t mean physical ‘love’ here, I mean manifestations of love, joy, positivity, ease, grace, presence, self-compassion, self-care…

Love is what we give to ourselves. Awareness that we are deserving of it. That we are perfect as we are, as our creator made us, and as such are deserving of all the warm juicy effervescent love. Love that we came to this world with and love that we will leave this world with.

Love is within… Look inside. Look deep inside, when you take the mask(s) off, layers of what you were made to believe what love is supposed to be, then and only then will you experience real undiluted free from conditions love.

Love that you crave for yourself does not reside in the heart and soul of your next partner, friend, colleague, client, or wherever you habitually go to for love and approval, it resides within you! Open that beautiful gift you were given at birth, and immerse yourself in it!

I did, and I found the most beautiful treasure chest!

Love is, because you are!

Go on, love yourself!

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