Why do women like Leo?


For days, the great euphoria ruled around the world on the occasion of the most prestigious film awards, but not so much for the ceremony, but because of the uncertainty and suspense whether the women’s favourite will finally meet Oscar. For years, Leonardo DiCaprio was brilliant on the big screen, he won his first significant award at only 19 years old. You must admit that few people managed to do so. But he missed out on an Oscar five times – four times for the main award and one for Best Supporting Actor. He always responded with dignity to leave the prestigious award in the hands of his colleagues, dignified amongst the stars, and even more modest in his private life. All many times we say “third time lucky,” but for an enduring boy the sixth is proof that it is never too late to recognise that you are the best in the world in a business where you are totally committed.leonardo

A prestigious awards for the role in which he surpassed the expectations of all of us, and probably himself. The favourite of all generations. Has Leo for years been winning us over with his roles and magical views and expression of a charming young man? I listen to the whispers, follow the events on social networks and I remain stunned at the Leo mania that currently shakes the fairer sex. Teenage girls and their mothers, grandmothers and trendsetters, regardless of the different ways of life of women who admire him, Leo has certainly succeeded in one – worshiped by everyone from 7 to 77. A modest and dignified man who fills the world tabloids on a daily basis. When typing his name into any search engine with the titles: All women Leo DiCaprio, just having fun with the girls from 20-25, and this week has a new girlfriend … I think he sometimes learns about himself from the tabloids and who he is having fun with in that moment. He does not deny, nor does he react. He believes in marriage. They write, Leo enjoys life and deals with climate change and humanitarian activities more than women. This is how he won us over. He is a man who does not have to do anything because he has created enough for the next five generations descendants to enjoy, and yet does everything to help others. He is a gentle soul and a wonderful way to the hearts of us women who still believe in the fairy tales and the perfect man! It seems to me that all we are waiting for the moment that Leo’s marries, fearing whether he will choose a woman worthy of his heart, which is as perfect as his films, as well as the painting of his own life. But Leo believes in marriage and in no hurry. For him, everything happens at the right time without a lot of planning and expectations. Many will envy the freedom and tranquility which rule his life, rather than for winning the golden jewel of the film industry, the beloved Oscar. Maybe Leonardo won us over with his charm and boyish innocence, but I’m sure we love him most because of the way he loves his mother. On almost all the premieres and important ceremonies he led with the two most important women in his life – late grandmother and mother. I know, it’s perfect. His eyes smiled at us and they say: “how can you not like me?”. Men often say: “Oh he’s just good looking with that baby face like most kids, why do you fall for it?” Humble, good guy from the neighbourhood. But women see what is behind the fame and prizes. They admire him for the fact that he only travels in economy class, drives a hybrid car, donates millions of dollars to organisations from those who are struggling to treat rare diseases, helps those with disabilities, and give to centers that provide the right to education for all. DiCaprio also thrills by not crying out for fame, not buying expensive clothes, has a home in various destinations, goes out without bodyguards and is more likely to spend money on a rare film poster but on a flight on a private plane. He lives an indulgent life ignoring what others say and whether he has fulfilled the expectations of others. His talent and acting skills have been recognised by some of the greatest directors such as Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, James Cameroon.
For me he is the chameleon of the film industry, starring in good and bad acting roles.leonardo1
At the beginning of his career he left us speechless in a role where is played a special needs boy, a heroin addict, but also the poor guy in the legendary Titanic. When we thought that maybe we saw everything we could from Leo, he left us speechless when he played a New York stock broker in the hit film The Wolf of Wall Street. All for a good role. In all the film industry, there is no one who can compare. A talent who pushed all boundaries in the industry and has been recognised by ordinary viewers, women who see him as the man who they would introduce to their families and film giants who admiringly applauding him and give him a pat on the back. He has been the same from the beginning, with a slight smile on his face and more modest than many with such success, for all these years. 28th February 2016 all women in the world, of every race, colour and status, share the same joy and happiness. The Oscar that Leo who for the role of a hunter in the movie “The Revenant”, put a smile on our faces. We celebrate the success and the brilliant actor who spent nine months in constant hypothermia, slept in the belly of dead animals in order to properly convey the role of a hunter who has finally been rewarded with an Academy Award, as well as spending 5 years preparing for the role of a schizophrenic, Billy Milligan, in “The Crowded Room”, which is a remake of the book of Daniel Kiajza. While it creates another masterpiece of cinematic art we wait for news from behind the scenes in the life of this great actor and patiently wait for new reasons to love him even more. If it is at all possible.

Sasha Simović

Translated by Ivana Topalovic

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