Facing oneself


Georgij Nazarov, a former athlete, naturalist and healthy living expert, suffered a spine injury while he was a young man, which modern medicine could not cure, and that motivated him to learn a lot about alternative medicine. On his journey, he met a surgeon – Jurij Mihajlovic Levinson, doctor of medical sciences, who helped Georgij tremendously, and they also started working together eventually.
-Levinson is an exceptional surgeon who lost his eyesight while working towards his doctorate degree. He began researching different methods that his health would benefit from and he succeeded in doing that. He used mummies, bioenergy, different kinds of psychotherapy… I’ve had the opportunity of learning from him and, in time, I became his best student. I didn’t agree with applying hypnosis every time, but my opinion was that a person needed to awaken their being and work on improving themselves, and not only be given a program that they would function by – says Nazarov.nazarov

Where are our limits?

Just like we often eat out of anxiety, we also spend money for the same reason, and it is crucial that we gain control over everything that we do – and this is what Georgij Nazarov especially highlights.
-Always test your limits. But it’s more important to learn your limits, because then we can do a lot of things with pleasure. We often don’t believe in ourselves and our abilities, and once we come to know them, we see what we are actually capable of.

Making a deal with oneself

50 or so years ago, Serbia was among the last in Europe when it came to people suffering from heart disease and cancer, but, in time, bad habits have led to the deterioration of health of the nation. Now every other person here dies from a heart condition, and every fourth of cancer, which used to be a rare occurrence. Georgij Nazarov claims that incorrect diet and physical inactivity have contributed to this the most.
-The more inactive we are, the more we eat –says Nazarov.  –Just look at how much we eat in the evenings when we are alone and are confronting ourselves, because we are accustomed to constantly doing something, the TV being on or talking. And that is why we feel discontent when we confront ourselves. The consequence of that is overeating, after which an even greater discontent follows when we look in the mirror, and so we become trapped in a vicious circle. The most important thing is making a deal with oneself. Unfortunately, people do this only when they become seriously ill. Human body has a great healing power, but those resources are not inexhaustible.nazarov1

No glue in the stomach

How to start changing lifestyle habits?
-Your day should start with a healthy breakfast. A big number of people have a chaotic diet and often skip breakfast. Breakfast should be an essential healthy habits. It improves functioning of the thyroid, psychophysical condition, sleeping, functioning of the immune system, and leads to a decreased evening food craving… Breakfast should contain all of the necessary dietary components, it should contain a couple of dried fruits, apricots, plums, figs, wheat germs, as well as a mixture of flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, oats, flax seed oil, cocoa, a couple of raw almonds, Brazilian nuts, a little bit of cinnamon and water, so that we can make a porridge or mould all of that into some kind of a cake. A meal like this contains all of the necessary nutrients that should be consumed. This way we can clean the intestines well, get rid of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, consume potassium which helps muscles relax and blood circulate, consume high quality iron, antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that will cleanse blood vessels and lead to achieving optimal body weight, and we will look better. We can add a mixture of ground raw seeds or wheat germs into every lunch. Bread is allowed, but only wholemeal, without yeast, and by no means the coloured or the white one. We have a bad opinion of bread, but bread has actually been a staple food for people for hundreds of years. Wholemeal bread without yeast helps bring blood sugar levels to normal, it increases strength, endurance, cleanses the intestines and helps maintain optimal weight, while not even beetles that attack wheat will eat white bread. Such bread makes glue in our bodies, which we could use for sticking wallpapers to walls. It stays in the intestines and they cannot function properly.

Food calms you (not)

Why is it recommended that we give our dinner to “an enemy”?
-Dinner poses a great problem to people’s health, but we often set unrealistic goals for ourselves, we function under too much tension, we try to do too much during the day, we are torn apart and then try to calm ourselves with food. Psychologists know this kind of calming oneself all too well, and it usually doesn’t lead anywhere. First, it should be established if the person is actually hungry or it’s just craving for sweets or if it’s an anxiety-caused need for food. After a healthy breakfast and a high quality lunch, the person won’t have a desire for food in the evening. Then we can treat ourselves to some fresh or dried fruit, healthy chocolate made of bananas, cocoa, honey or maltex.

Branka Gajic

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